Mitt Romney Is Helping Democrats In One Strange Way To Defeat Donald Trump

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Mitt Romney and his fellow Never Trump traitors are all hoping Joe Biden defeats Donald Trump.

But no one thought they would go to these lengths.

And now Mitt Romney is helping Democrats in one strange way to defeat Donald Trump.

When Mitt Romney was running for president, the Democrats were relentless in their attacks against him.

An Obama Super PAC accused him of causing the cancer death of a worker, the Washington Post accused him of being a bully in high school and Joe Biden himself said to an audience of black people that Romney was going to put them back in chains.

Yet now that Romney voted for impeachment and marched with Black Lives Matter, now Romney is the Democrats’ favorite Republican.

There were signs that Romney was spineless before in his political career, he was pro-abortion at some points and a state-level healthcare program was the model for Obamacare.

Democrats want to encourage more people to be like Romney and join in the Never Trump camp.

In fact, Never Trump Republicans are using their resources to try and elect Biden.

“Republican Voters Against Trump, a new addition to the Never Trump ecosphere, is planning to spend $10 million on television and digital advertising in key battleground states. The group is focused on transforming Republican voters who backed Trump in 2016 into supporters of presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Top strategists at RVAT regularly touch base with Project Lincoln, a Never Trump group of prominent establishment Republicans,” the Washington Examiner reported.

The Democrats know that the enthusiasm among Republican voters is far higher than Democrats’ at the moment.

Biden is a weak candidate. He’s the Democrat establishment’s pick.

He doesn’t have the same sort of loyal core followers as Bernie Sanders and so the Democrats aren’t trying to convince anyone that Biden would make a good president.

Former Democratic Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe said it was a good idea to keep Biden in his basement.

“People say all the time, ‘Oh, we’ve gotta get the vice president out of the basement.’ He’s fine in the basement,” McAuliffe said to a group of Democrats. “Two people see him a day, he has two body people — that’s that.”

Democrats are focusing more on convincing voters that Trump is a bad President rather than that Biden is a capable leader.

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Democrats are happy for Biden to be in his basement because it’s routinely an embarrassment for Democrats when he speaks.

The Democrat establishment likes Biden because he’s a person they can control.

They also want voters they can control.

Look at Romney, the Democrats are only kind to him as long as he’s doing exactly what they want him to do, when he was nominee, they tried to destroy him.

That should be a warning.

(h/t Great American Daily)