Mike Pence Made One Confession About Trump’s Chances That Put Jaws On The Ground

Photo by The White House on Flickr.com

All the public polls show Joe Biden leading the President.

Donald Trump says the polls are fake and points to 2016.

But Mike Pence made one confession about Trump’s chances that put jaws on the ground.

Donald Trump won in 2016 despite the polls saying Hillary Clinton would win in a landslide.

In 2020, polls tell a similar story.

But in an interview with Breitbart, Vice President Mike Pence said the enthusiasm on the ground that he saw matched 2016 despite coronavirus restrictions and social distancing limiting the ability of the campaign to hold rallies and draw large crowds.

“The traveling that I have a chance to do as vice president, Alex, the silent majority doesn’t look very silent to me. I was in Pennsylvania for that Cops for Trump [rally] last week, we had hundreds of people in a parking lot in downtown of a small town, a great area of Pennsylvania, and there were just as many people on the streets as we rolled into town waving signs and [giving] thumbs up, and I just sense a great deal of enthusiasm out there,” Pence told Breitbart.

In 2016, Trump and his supporters would point to the massive crowds at campaign rallies and organized support in the form of a sea of yard signs out in rural America to contend the polls were wrong and Trump was on track for victory.

They were right in 2016.

And Vice President Pence says they may be right again in 2020 as Pence claimed polling in America was “broken.”

“You see the polling that comes out from these news organizations,” Pence told Breitbart, “but somebody reminded me the other day, four years ago, I think there were over — I forget the exact number — but there were 60 or 70 public polls that were published between Labor Day and Election Day — statewide polls, nationwide polls — and somebody told me that the president and our team actually were ahead in only like three of them.”

“The reality is, polling is broken in America,” Pence added. “To everybody listening on Breitbart radio, and all the great supporters out there, just let your voice be heard.”

In 2016, polls in swing states did not sample enough voters without college degrees.

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That led to huge misses in Michigan and Wisconsin.

This year, even though polls show Joe Biden leading Donald Trump by a healthy margin in Michigan, prominent Democrats like Congresswoman Debbie Dingell said the polls were wrong.

All of these questions will be answered on Election Night as the votes begin to be counted.

(h/t American Patriot Daily)