Mike Pence Got Some News About His 2020 Plans That Just Changed Everything

Vice President Mike Pence is a frequent target of rumors and innuendo.

Whispers routinely fly around Washington that he will be replaced on the 2020 ticket.

And now Mike Pence got some news about his 2020 plans that just changed everything.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is the darling of the left.

Abrams – who refused to admit she lost the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election despite Democrat cries Trump hypothetically refusing to do so represented a danger to democracy – is one of the most talked about names as a potential Vice Presidential nominee for the prospective Democrat Presidential standard bearer.

Stacey Abrams – who is a mediocre romance novelist and $54,000 in debt to the IRS for unpaid taxes – is a 43-year-old black state senator from Georgia.

Abrams’ youth, race and geographic home base – Democrats hope to put Georgia in play by supercharging black voter turnout – make her an attractive potential running mate for the remaining Democrats – all of whom are old white people.

The eventual Democrat nominee will need to check the identity politics boxes with the Vice Presidential selection because Democrat voters increasingly believe white people in a position of power represent a patriarchal structure of systemic racism in America.

“Diversity” is the new political North Star and since the party increasingly depends on minority voters, picking Abrams as a running mate seems like a natural decision for the eventual Democrat Party Presidential nominee.

The leading contenders for the Democrat Presidential nomination are all white.

They will need a minority running mate to try and appease the groups of minority voters that make up large portions of the Democrat base.

And Stacey Abrams made it clear she would jump at the chance to join the Democrat ticket.

In an appearance on liberal comic Seth Meyers’ late night NBC show, Abrams described her interest in being the eventual nominee’s running mate.

“I think it could be a very lovely experience,” Abrams told Meyers.

Abrams fed red meat to the Democrat base by claiming she couldn’t wait to share a debate stage with Mike Pence and express the hatred and rage many on the left feel toward Pence because of his devout Evangelical Christian faith.

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“I have a lot of pent up aggression and some stark disagreements that I think could really lead to a vigorous debate,” Abrams added.

Of course, Abrams could not let any chance pass to offer up praise to the left’s slogan, “diversity is our strength,” and that all Trump supporters were racist.

“We actually reflect the composition of the United States as we go through the process, because we give so much credence to this that it really needs to be reflective of the demography and the people of the country,” Abrams began.

“We should be trying to convince people who share our values to live those values. I think Trump has helped us convince some of his former voters that they actually share our values and we want those folks to vote with us. But we should not be compromising our values to convince them that they want to come to us. If you agree with Trump after three and a half years of ignominy and demonization and sheer stupidity of his Administration, then mazel tov,” Abrams concluded.

Conservative Revival will keep you up to date on any new developments in the 2020 Presidential election.