Michelle Obama Has Jumped In to the 2020 Race With One Surprising Decision

Michelle Obama is the most popular Democrat in America.

Every liberal wants her involved in the Presidential Election in some capacity.

Now Michelle Obama has jumped in to the 2020 race with one surprising decision.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Politics is downstream from culture.

The left understands this.

That’s why the left long ago seized control over the fake news media and Hollywood to shape Americans’ perceptions of politics and the debate on the great issues of the day.

Homosexual marriage and so-called “transgenderism” are now accepted as mainstream thought because of sustained propaganda campaigns from the fake news and entertainment industries.

Democrats hope to use this approach to help defeat Donald Trump in 2020.

That’s why Michelle Obama accepted an offer from PBS to host a show reading children’s books.

“As a little kid, I loved to read aloud,” Obama stated. “And when I became a parent, I found such joy in sharing the magic of storytelling with my own children—and then later, as First Lady, with kids everywhere. At this time when so many families are under so much stress, I’m excited to give kids a chance to practice their reading and hear some wonderful stories (and to give parents and caretakers a much-needed break).”

The former First Lady and her Praetorian Guard in the fake news will claim Obama is merely participating in a harmless show for children.

But Democrats never do anything without a political motive.

Obama will surely read stories that advance a leftist agenda which promote an anti-Trump narrative, and the kicker is this propaganda programming will be paid for with American taxpayer dollars.

The Obamas already took this approach with Netflix.

Barack and Michelle Obama signed a megadeal with the streaming giant to produce documentary and movie content.

The first film – “American Factory” – extolled the virtues of globalization by featuring an Ohio plant bought by a Chinese businessman.

No one expected the Obamas to sit out the 2020 election.

Barack Obama finally endorsed Joe Biden.

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So it is no surprise that Michelle Obama announced her deal with PBS right on the heels of her husband throwing his support behind Donald Trump’s challenger.

Michelle Obama is also expected to endorse Joe Biden in the coming days as Biden seeks to prove he can unite the Democrat Party and stitch together a winning coalition.

This means that while Michelle Obama is campaigning against the President of the United States, American taxpayers will foot the bill for a program designed to brainwash children and promote the Democrat Party narrative to any voting-age viewers.

Conservatives have long fought to defund PBS, insisting that the network rakes in more than enough money from private donations to remain on the air.

Michelle Obama inking a deal for a show on supposedly “public” television – an opportunity which never would be afforded to a Republican First Lady – could be the final straw in this fight.

American Patriot Daily will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.