Michelle Obama Got One Question About 2020. The Answer May Be Bad News for Trump

The Democrat Party Presidential field is descending into chaos.

A meltdown at the Iowa Caucus left no clear winner and the party bitterly divided.

And Michelle Obama got asked one question about 2020. The answer may be bad news for Donald Trump.

As Great American Daily reports:

Former Vice President Joe Biden is watching helplessly as Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders raced past him in the polls of voters in the key early states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

Prior to the most recent batch of polling it looked like Biden was on track for a win in Iowa that would put the Democrat Presidential primary on ice.

Biden is so strong in South Carolina and the following states that vote on Super Tuesday that Biden winning Iowa would choke off any possibility of another candidate using the early four states as a springboard to challenge Biden for the nomination.

But with multiple polls in Iowa and New Hampshire showing Sanders leading Biden outside the margin of error, panic is beginning to set in not only in the Biden campaign, but in the Democrat Party as a whole.

Facing the prospect of a Sanders surge Biden returned to his comfort zone – highlighting his association with Barack Obama.

Biden congratulated Michelle Obama on winning a Grammy for best spoken word album.

“Congrats @MichelleObama on winning a Grammy for telling your story with strength — and with grace. Jill and I are so thrilled for you. Just beat Barack to an EGOT, will ya?” the former Vice President tweeted.

This led to some speculation that Biden not only wanted voters to associate him with Michelle Obama, but that voters would think Biden would consider naming Michelle Obama as his running mate.

Biden also wants voters to forget the fact that Obama did not endorse Biden when Biden entered the race.

That Biden would stoop to such a transparently obvious Hail Mary play involving Michelle Obama highlights the danger Sanders poses to Biden and the Democrat Party establishment.

If Sanders wins in Iowa and New Hampshire he would be very difficult to stop in Nevada.

Should Sanders win the first three states he would be in a strong position to win the nomination as candidates that rack up early victories generate a bandwagon effect where voters in later states in the primary calendar see them as a winner and gravitate toward their campaign.

The panic in the Biden camp was amplified by establishment Democrats.

Matt Bennett – co-founder of the allegedly “centrist” Third Way group that supports “moderate” Democrats – told POLITICO that his fellow party elites underestimated Sanders at their own peril.

“The Republican money people were laughing at Trump when he came down the escalator and they kept laughing at him for way too long, until ‘holy crap’ he’s winning primaries,” Bennett added with regards to an organized effort to stop Sanders. “What I fear is one will emerge too late, as what happened with Trump.”

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Bennett also blamed the fake news media for not pressing Sanders on how much he would raise taxes on middle class Americans to pay for his $30 trillion dollar Marxist healthcare scheme.

“They let him get away with murder,” Bennett exclaimed. “They let him bluster past hard questions.”

Of course one reason the fake news won’t ask Sanders hard questions is because at heart, fake news reporters are left-wing ideologues.

So-called “journalists” know there is a chance Sanders could be the Democrat Party nominee and they want to hedge their bets by not asking him any questions that could damage his chances in a general election.

Sanders’ rise in the polls and the disorganized national Democrat response are why you see the hapless Biden campaign reaching deep down into their bag of tricks to create any association in the minds of voters with Michelle Obama.

Great American Daily will keep you up to date on any new developments in the 2020 Presidential election.