Michelle Obama Dropped This Big Hint About Entering the 2020 Presidential Race

Top Democrats are increasingly believing no current candidate can defeat Donald Trump.

But that does not mean Democrats are throwing in the towel and are holding out hope their “dream” candidate will declare their candidacy at a contested convention.

And now Michelle Obama dropped this big hint about entering the 2020 Presidential race.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign collapsed after spending months as the assumed nominee.

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders currently sits atop the field as a narrow frontrunner.

But Sanders has yet to break away from the pack and multiple candidates are reaching the 15 percent threshold to accumulate delegates, which means the field remains a jumbled mess.

That is playing to the advantage of billionaire anti-gun former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

Bloomberg spent over $300 million dollars on TV gambling that he could wait until Super Tuesday – where nearly 40 percent of the delegates are awarded – to enter the race and leap to the front of the pack.

All of this adds up to the odds of the Democrat nominee being decided at a brokered convention in Milwaukee increasing dramatically.

The election forecasting website FiveThirtyEight.con’s prediction model for the Democrat primary actually lists a contested convention as the most likely outcome.

That’s because Democrats have no “winner take all” states.

Delegates are awarded proportionally to every candidate that reaches 15 percent of the vote.

If that happens there is only one candidate that could serve as a consensus candidate and unite all factions of the party – former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Obama appeared with Oprah Winfrey in Brooklyn as part of Oprah’s “2020 Vision” tour.

And the former First Lady sure sounded like a potential candidate.

Obama spoke on women’s issues and previewed what could be a stump speech designed to appeal to female Democrat voters that saw all the women candidates in the field fall short.

“We are so ridiculous as women,” Obama declared. “We don’t want to talk about our age, and then we want to act like we should look like we did when we were 20, you know? When, I’m sorry, men you can look any kind of way. And it seems to be okay.”

Obama also leaned into a racially focused identity politics-focused rant on how society perceives black women.

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“People called me all kinds of things when I was campaigning for Barack, like it was a competition,” Obama added. “They called me un-American, and this stuff sticks with you. Men talked about the size of my butt. There are people who were telling me I was angry. That stuff hurts, and it makes you sort of wonder, what are people seeing? That stuff is there. And look, I’m a black woman in America. And you know, we’re not always made to feel beautiful. So there’s still that baggage that we carry, and not everyone can relate to that.”

If Democrats are going to win the Presidency, they are going to need to generate higher levels of black turnout while keeping the coalition of college-educated white and single women together.

That is what is known as the Obama coalition.

No current candidate can assemble that voting bloc.

And the only one who can is Michelle Obama.

So will Democrats hand the nomination to the former First Lady on a silver platter at the Democrat convention this summer?

Conservative Revival will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.