Megyn Kelly Just Destroyed One Big Lie The Media Tells About Donald Trump

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Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump feuded during the 2016 election.

But now something has changed.

And Megyn Kelly just destroyed one big lie the media tells about Donald Trump.

As Conservative Revival reports:

For 48 hours the fake news media thought they could bring down another institution that largely catered to a conservative audience and bring it to heel.

After NASCAR announced it banned confederate flags from its events Bubba Wallace – the only black driver on the circuit – revealed someone informed him a noose was hanging from the garage where his car was parked.

Wallace – who wears Black Lives Matter gear – became a hero in the fake news as NASCAR vowed to ban the perpetrators for life.

In an interview on MSNBC racist former ESPN host Jemele Hill – who once called President Trump a white supremacist – used this supposed “hate crime” to claim it proved once and for all that NASCAR was a racist sport catering to a racist, white, Southern Republican fan base.

“As someone who has attended several NASCAR races, it’s hard for people of color to feel comfortable in these environments when you see the Confederate flag everywhere, when you just get this sense that you’re at something that you’re not welcome at,” Hill told MSNBC. “As much as NASCAR may try to distance itself from that, it is a living, breathing part of their sport.”

The FBI detached 15 agents to investigate this “hate crime” only to determine that just like the Jussie Smollett incident (as well as countless other alleged “hate crimes), this supposed “noose” was another hoax hate crime.

FBI agents determined that the rope was put up in October 2019 – nearly a year before Wallace ever arrived at the track in question – and social media users noted that it was nothing more than a pull rope used to open garage doors.

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Megyn Kelly called out Wallace for this hoax and blasted Hill for jumping to conclusions in smearing NASCAR fans as racists and demanded Hill apologize for her bigotry.

“Now that we know the #BubbaWallace “noose” was not a racist attack at all, will @jemelehill apologize to the NASCAR fans she unfairly besmirched? Jemele Hill Condemns NASCAR Noose Incident: ‘Disgusting Reminder of Who This Sport is for’,” Kelly wrote.

Jemele Hill left ESPN after destroying the ratings for its flagship “SportsCenter” program by turning it away from sports highlights and commentary and more in the direction of woke grievance politics.

Smearing NASCAR fans as racists allowed Hill – for one brief moment – to return to her professional sweet spot of using sports to launch racist attacks on Republicans.