Megyn Kelly Dropped the Hammer On This Top Democrat For One Epic Mistake

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Democrats are throwing everything at President Trump in hopes of removing him from office.

Some on the left bit off way more than they could chew.

Megyn Kelly dropped the hammer on this top Democrat for one epic mistake.

Fake news CNN is no longer a news network.

The final nail in that coffin came when fake news CNN allowed anchor Chris Cuomo to chat with his brother, New York’s Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo, during Chris Cuomo’s prime time show.

Instead of asking real questions, Chris and Andrew Cuomo played an Abbott and Costello routine where Chris Cuomo held up an oversized nasal swab to mock Andrew Cuomo’s big nose that was on display when Governor Cuomo got a coronavirus test on live TV to encourage New YorkState residents to get tested.

Fake Republican “strategist,” Never Trump sock puppet and CNN contributor Anna Navarro – who never disagrees with the Democrats on anything – defended the Cuomo brothers’ comedy act.

“For months, @CNN has carried almost 24/7 sobering Covid-news. A few minutes of friendly bantering b/w 2 brothers w/high-profile, high-stress jobs, is not supposed to be journalism. It’s called humor. It is a coping mechanism for some of us. Simple. If it offends you, don’t watch,” Navarro wrote.

Navarro’s defense of the indefensible raised the ire of Megyn Kelly.

Kelly blasted Navarro for distracting from the fact that critics contend Andrew Cuomo cost thousands of elderly New Yorkers their lives by mandating that nursing homes take in coronavirus patients.

“Some ppl who lost loved ones thanks to Cuomo’s deadly nursing home policy don’t appreciate him mucking it up in front of millions while they can’t even properly bury their family members. Maybe, as the man who caused their pain, he can save the humor for behind closed doors,” Kelly wrote in response.

In New York State, 25.5 percent of deaths occurred in nursing homes.

On March 25, Governor Cuomo signed the order directing nursing homes to take in coronavirus patients.

Governor Cuomo committed this catastrophic blunder despite the fact that the data coming out of Italy showed the average age of those that died from the coronavirus was 80 years old.

Instead of protecting the elderly, Cuomo signed their death warrants.

But fake news reporters like Chris Cuomo ignored this reality and instead blamed Donald Trump for Andrew Cuomo’s incompetence.

Fake news media members already wanted to give Cuomo a pass because they are – by and large – Democrat party activists, and Cuomo became a useful foil for Donald Trump in the early stages of the outbreak.

So-called journalists discarded all professional ethics to smear Trump with lies about a poor federal response to the coronavirus because they think it will seal his defeat in November.

As Megyn Kelly pointed out, Andrew Cuomo oversaw a disastrous response to the coronavirus outbreak.

One reason trust in the media is so low is because fake news reporters no longer even pretend to hide their political biases.

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