Megyn Kelly Dropped The Hammer On Joe Biden With One Harsh Truth

Photo by Пресс-служба Президента России on WikiMedia Commons

The contours of the fall campaign are falling into place.

Americans will face a consequential decision this November.

And Megyn Kelly dropped the hammer on Joe Biden with one harsh truth.

The cultural revolution Black Lives Matter kickstarted and that Democrats like Joe Biden hope to leverage into total control over Washington next year is now infecting sports.

Three years ago when Colin Kaepernick disrespected the flag and the memory of dead veterans by kneeling for the national anthem, the disgraceful protest was widely scorned.

But after the death of George Floyd, the left swept in and suddenly sports were “woke” with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell apologizing for defending the flag and the national anthem.

When sports returned after a pause for the coronavirus pandemic, it quickly became news when an athlete did stand for the national anthem.

In the NBA, just one player – the Orlando Magic’s Jonathan Isaac – stood for the playing of the national anthem and everyone else kneeled.

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York tweeted out an image of NBA players kneeling for the national anthem and claimed that this meant Colin Kaepernick was the ultimate winner in the culture war over his refusal to stand for the national anthem.

“Colin Kaepernick won. When he started, just one athlete refused to stand for national anthem. Now, just one athlete refuses to kneel during anthem. In course of weeks, a complete collapse of hallowed American ritual,” York wrote on social media.

Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly asked what Kaepernick won and called out Black Lives Matter for basing a protest movement on lies about police officers being racist killers.

Kelly also called out Black Lives Matter for its radical policy agenda that called for the destruction of the nuclear family and defunding the police.

“Won what? A visual display that is based on misinformation re: police & the USA, past & present? Americans will figure out that BLM is an org that wants to dismantle the nuclear family, the justice system & the police syst so critical to protecting Black lives, esp women & kids,” Kelly responded.

While polls show majority support for the idea of racial equality, polls also show overwhelming opposition to Black Lives Matter’s policy agenda of defunding the police.

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There is no polling data on if Americans support a mother and father staying together to raise children, but it is a fair bet that the vast majority of Americans believe having a mother and father in the house is a good idea.

Joe Biden has so far avoided answering any tough questions about his record or his platform.

Former Vice President Biden would be asked Megyn Kelly’s question about Black Lives Matter’s lies about police officers or its support for destroying the nuclear family.

And that is why he is hiding in his basement.

(h/t Black Eye Politics)