Lorretta Lynch Hit Trump With An Ultimatum That Could Change Everything

Photo by Eric Garcetti on Flickr.com

The nationwide protests after the death of George Floyd scrambled the 20202 Presidential election.

Democrats think they now hold the upper hand.

And Lorretta Lynch just hit Trump with an ultimatum that could change everything.

As Conservative Revival reports:

In an interview on CBS, Lynch tried to make an excuse for the violent agitators out in the streets looting and burning American cities.

Lynch claimed these rioters and vandals just wanted Americans to feel and hear their pain that they claim comes from systemic racism in American policing.

“I think that what we look for in our leaders and what we hope for in our leaders, particularly our president, is to be heard,” Lynch told CBS host Gayle King. “We want them to hear us. We want them to hear our pain. We want them to lead the entire country. “

“We want them to look at us, even if our experience is not their experience, we want to see empathy and an ability to connect and an ability to say, ‘Even if I’m not experiencing what you’re experiencing, I do see the pain that this is causing. And we as a country will come together and work to heal.’ That’s what we look to see, and I leave it to people to decide where that message is coming from at this point in time,” Lynch added.

No American believes the police officer that killed George Floyd acted appropriately.

There is universal agreement that he murdered Floyd and he – as well as the other officers on the scene – should face the most robust prosecution under the law.

But what Americans will not stand for is an angry mob and domestic terrorist cells to dictate the terms of our way of life.

A reasoned debate and meaningful reforms cannot come under the threat of mob violence.

That would just be civil society surrendering and ceasing to exist.

These protests routinely descend into violence because the left-wing activists that organize these events were trained for just this eventuality.

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Violence has always been the defining characteristic of the left.

In the late 60s and 70s seditious left-wing groups rioted and carried out bombing campaigns across the United States to erode support for the Vietnam War as well as the United States anti-communist Cold War posture.

What Americans are seeing play out on their TVs and mobile devices is Antifa and Black Lives Matter picking up where Barack Obama’s mentor Bill Ayers and his fellow Weather Underground terrorists started in the 1960s.

Lynch and other Democrats are trying to make the American people think the rioters and looters out in the street are part of a legitimate protest movement.

The true purpose of these coordinated attacks on American cities is to sow unending chaos ahead of the election so the American people turn on Donald Trump and the left has a long runway in 2021 to impose socialism on America.