Joe Biden’s VP Frontrunner Never Thought His Career Would Crash in This Humiliating Fashion

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Joe Biden promised to select his running mate by August 1.

That date is fast approaching and Joe Biden just got hit with some really bad news.

Joe Biden’s VP frontrunner never thought his career would crash in this humiliating fashion.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Being a criminal is easier than ever in America.

Simple parts of life that we took for granted like going to school, work, concerts, and haircuts are now forbidden in many states, especially ones with Democrat governors.

The lockdowns were started with the understanding that the curve needed to be flattened.

When the goal was to make sure that the medical system was not too overwhelmed, the stay-at-home orders were a more reasonable step, but even then, Michigan went too far.

Whitmer banned the sale of seeds and lawn care, yet she allowed abortions and marijuana to continue.

Karl Manke has become a symbol of the resistance in the state, defying Whitmer’s orders and opening his barbershop for business.

“The government is not my mother,” Manke said to hundreds of protesters last week. “Never has been. I’ve been in business longer than they’ve been alive.”

And despite the fact that Whitmer has hit the barber with a license suspension, a cease and desist order, and a temporary restraining order, Manke’s shop is still open for business.

The judges have ruled in Manke’s favor and refused to shut him down.

He was also part of “Operation Haircut,” where barbers and hairdressers protested Whitmer’s stay-at-home order by giving out free haircuts outside the Michigan Capitol.

“Operation Haircut is designed to demonstrate the insanity still rampant in Lansing,” said Marian Sheridan, one of the event organizers. “Michigan needs to be reopened now to end the reign of Michigan’s power hungry bureaucrats.  We are suffering from a #Whitmerdepression.”

Karl Manke was also in attendance giving out free haircuts.

“I will not stand down,” said Manke, speaking to the crowd. He also said that he refused to live in a police state.

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“We’re all here for the same reason today — to show the governor that our rights do not come from her and that we need to open Michigan. People need to get back to work,” said Angela Rigas, who has been ticketed three time for continuing her job cutting hair.

Whitmer responded by saying, “The more people moving about and flouting the law, the harder it’s going to be to turn the dial and take the next step. … In the midst of a global pandemic, what I ask is that people do so in a way that does not expose themselves or others to a prolonged public health crisis.”

The state of Michigan is not in grave danger of its healthcare system being overwhelmed, not even in Detroit.

Whitmer seems to think that it’s up to her when the people go back to work, however she can’t keep people from their jobs forever.

She’ll find herself in hot water if she tries to impose her tyrannical rule much longer.

She should do what’s best for her people and start opening up her state.