Joe Biden Was Left Speechless After What Trump Said About Winning The Election

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The fake news media us trying to force Donald Trump to concede the election.

Media outlets declared Joe Biden the President-election.

And now Joe Biden was left speechless after what Trump said about winning the election.

As Great American Daily reports:

On Thursday night, Donald Trump addressed the nation from the White House press briefing room.

The results of the election were still uncertain but Democrat strongholds were taking forever to count their votes and each new vote tally magically favored Joe Biden.

President Trump vowed to protect the sanctity of the election and promised to take his case all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

“We think there’s going to be a lot of litigation because we have so much evidence, so much proof, it’s going to end up perhaps at the highest court in the land, you’ll see,” President Trump stated. “We think there’ll be a lot of litigation, because we cannot have an election stolen like this.”

President Trump made it clear that he wanted every legal vote counted and that his campaign would fight to stop Democrats from inflating the vote count with illegal votes that arrived after Election Day.

“We want every legal vote counted, and I want every legal vote counted,” President Trump added. “We want openness and transparency – no secret count rooms, no mystery ballots, no illegal votes being cast after Election Day.”

For months President Trump warned Americans about the dangers of mail-in ballots.

On Thursday, President Trump again noted that it was no longer a question as to if they promoted confusion in the election, but only how much corruption was involved.

“Democrat officials never believed they could win this election honestly. I really believe that that’s why they did the mail-in ballots, where there is tremendous corruption and fraud going on,” the President explained.

President Trump also predicted victory in the election as long as all the legal ballots were counted.

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“If you count the legal votes, I easily win. If you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the election from us,” President Trump exclaimed.

The President also pointed out that every jurisdiction where votes are being counted for days on end are run by partisan Democrats.

“The voting apparatus of those states are run in all cases by Democrats,” President Trump added. “We were winning all the key locations by a lot actually, and then our numbers started miraculously getting whittled away in secret.”

Finally, President Trump promised Americans that his administration would protect their right to cast a ballot in a free and fair election by defending the integrity of the vote.

“Our goal is to defend the integrity of the election. We will not allow the corruption to steal such an important election or any election for that matter,” he said.