Joe Biden Just Waived the White Flag. He Threw in the Towel for This Reason

Former Vice President Joe Biden is living his worst nightmare.

Biden’s campaign collapsed and there was only one choice left.

And Joe Biden just waived the white flag. He threw in the towel for this reason.

Joe Biden opened the New Hampshire Democrat Presidential primary debate by telling voters that he got walloped in Iowa and was likely to lose big in New Hampshire.

That admission of defeat set the tone for a disastrous weekend where Biden saw small and low energy crowds attend his events, and his poll numbers – both in New Hampshire and nationally – plummeted.

Polls showed Biden on the verge of a fourth or fifth place finish in New Hampshire that could deal a mortal wound to his campaign.

Facing that reality, Biden did what all candidates on their last legs do – withdraw from the current state voting to flee to safer ground.

And on the morning of the New Hampshire primary, Biden told reporters he was retreating to South Carolina where polls showed him holding a lead thanks to his commanding support from black voters.

“I’m going to head to South Carolina tonight and I’m going to go to Nevada,” Biden told reporters before abandoning ship from New Hampshire.

Pundits noted that Nevada – not South Carolina, came next – and wondered if Biden running to South Carolina meant Biden was conceding another bruising defeat in the February 22 Nevada Caucus.

Biden claimed that was not the case.

“My message is that I’ve got to get to South Carolina,” Biden added. “I’ve gotta get to Nevada after that. I’m going to South Carolina and then to Nevada. And I’ve said from the beginning we’re gonna do that.”

The former Vice President also pledged to fight on no matter what happened in New Hampshire.

“The rest of the nation is out there. There’s an awful lot of electoral votes to be had,” Biden concluded. “And we’re going to see. But I think we’re going to do well in Nevada and South Carolina. And we’ll go from there.”

Biden’s advisors also tried to put out the media fire surrounding Biden’s imploding campaign.

Anita Dunn – who was put in charge of the campaign after a reshuffling of staff – put on a brave face in an interview with NBC News.

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“Even though there’s a huge amount of hyperventilating out there, the reality is this was basically what was always going to happen,” Dunn claimed. “Once we get out of the first few states and go to states where the vice president has real electoral strength and other candidates do not, we’re confident that we will be able to compete and win.”

South Carolina Congressman Cedric Richmond – who also served as Biden’s campaign chairman – stressed to NBC that since black voters make up such a large chunk of Democrat primary voters, the nomination could not be decided until black voters had their say in South Carolina and in subsequent Southern Super Tuesday states.

“What I don’t want to do as the Democratic Party is declare a winner before African Americans have had a chance to speak,” Richmond declared. “I don’t think the Democratic Party should even have a formula where two nondiverse states can make a decision.”

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