Joe Biden Handed Down An Ultimatum About The Election That Could Lead To Civil War

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Democrats are getting desperate.

Joe Biden’s lead in the polls is nowhere near as secure as the fake news media pretends.

And now Joe Biden handed down an ultimatum about the election that could lead to Civil War.

Joe Biden’s handlers wheeled the former Vice President out of holding him in his basement during the campaign to read a script in Pennsylvania on the escalating riots in cities across America.

In Biden’s speech Biden condemned Donald Trump and blamed the civil unrest in American cities on Trump supporters.

That was the script.

But Biden also made a stunning admission.

Biden threatened Americans that his voters would continue murdering innocent people in the street, looting businesses and burning cities to the ground unless the country elected Joe Biden President.

“Does anyone believe there will be less violence in America if Donald Trump is reelected?” Biden’s said in his speech.

No American Presidential candidate has ever laid down such an ultimatum.

Politicians routinely warn of dark consequences should they lose the election.

But no candidate for office has ever held a gun to the head of the American people and demanded they vote for them or they would pull the trigger.

At this point the voters should take Joe Biden at his word.

For three months Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters laid siege to American cities.

The war-zones shifted over time, but the tactics are the same.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters enter a city and wait for night fall.

After the sun goes down terrorists descend upon a cities downtown and burn buildings, smash windows and loot businesses in coordinated military style attacks.

This is no fever swamp fantasy.

There is a coordinated national organized movement to launch nationwide riots.

In Kenosha, Wisconsin the police announced that of the 175 arrested in the riots 105 of the individuals were from out of state.

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Someone is paying for these terrorists to move freely about the country and raze cities to the ground.

In Pennsylvania – in a speech where Biden’s handlers claimed Biden would denounce violence – Biden failed to call out AntiFa or Black Lives Matter by name and informed the American people that his voters would only escalate the riots unless Joe Biden wins the election.

Joe Biden’s speech was a disaster on every level.

Just by addressing the topic Biden acknowledged that the campaign narrative spiraled out of control.

Biden’s confused and rambling delivery added more evidence to the charges that he is suffering from dementia as at one point Biden completely lost this train of thought and rambled a confused line about the number of deaths from the coronavirus.

And finally, Joe Biden spoke like a suicide bomber claiming that unless the American people elected him President the Biden campaign would detonate the country.

(h/t Conservative Revival)