Joe Biden Got Some Bad News That Brought Back Nightmares of Hillary Clinton in 2016

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Joe Biden and his campaign thought they had the election all wrapped up.

But now they are beginning to ask some difficult questions.

And that’s because Joe Biden got some bad news that brought back nightmares of Hillary Clinton in 2016.

It’s almost unbelievable how much has happened so far this year.

At the beginning of January no one even knew about coronavirus and the big story was that the Democrats were impeaching Trump.

By the middle of March major parts of the American economy had come to a stop and coronavirus and staying at home were all anyone was talking about.

Then in May, just as the coronavirus restrictions were lifting, the racial tensions in America came to a crisis at the death of George Floyd.

The Democrats have blamed President Trump for every crisis no matter how much it was outside his control.

President Trump shut down travel with China in January, he helped pass a stimulus package and he asked for the FBI and DOJ to look into any additional charges that could be placed against the officer that was charged with murdering George Floyd.

This hasn’t been a normal year for anyone and many Americans are cash strapped but they were still willing to open up their wallets and show their appreciation for Donald Trump on his birthday.

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign was thrilled with the outpouring that Americans gave.

Trump raised $14 million towards his re-election in just one day.

“Quite a birthday gift for Donald Trump yesterday!” Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale wrote on social media. “Biggest single-day ONLINE fundraising total ever – $14 million.”

Joe Biden is at a terrible disadvantage monetarily.

Donald Trump has $187 million more than the Democrats do currently.

Part of this is due to overspending by the DNC and because Biden has been hanging out in his basement for the last few months.

Biden keeping a low profile may help his rating among voters but it has major disadvantages.

Despite the recent polls most Americans still believe that Trump will win in November.

The start of this decade may have been off to a rocky start but many Americans are still confident that Trump will set the right course for America.

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“That’s grassroots support that Sleepy @JoeBiden can only dream of,” Parscale wrote. “The enthusiasm gap is real and it is wide!”

Donald Trump is working hard to keep Americans safe and many Americans value that at the moment.

Joe Biden is moving so far to the left to appease the radicals in his party that he no longer can be counted as a moderate.

Trump has won over many never Trump followers who didn’t vote for him in 2016, with his consistency to his campaign promises.

November is far in the future but Trump has several major advantages.

(h/t Conservative Revival)