Joe Biden Asked What Went Wrong When He Saw These Two Swing State Polls

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The Presidential Election is always decided by a handful of battleground states.

And the polls in the swing states show a much closer race.

Now Joe Biden is asking what went wrong when he saw these two swing state polls.

The fake news media myth that Joe Biden holds a steady and significant lead in the Presidential Election just got destroyed by two new surveys from the ABC/Washington Post polling outfit.

In the new polls from Florida and Arizona,The Post and ABC found Donald Trump holding a lead with likely voters.

The Washington Post reports:

President Trump and former vice president Joe Biden are locked in close races in Florida and Arizona, according to a pair of Washington Post-ABC News polls in two Sun Belt battlegrounds the president won in 2016 that are crucial to his hopes for reelection in November.

In Florida, likely voters split 51 percent for Trump to 47 percent for Biden, while registered voters split 47 percent for Trump to 48 percent for Biden. In Arizona, Trump’s margin is even smaller at 49 percent to Biden’s 48 percent among likely voters. Among Arizona’s registered voters, Trump is at 47 percent and Biden at 49 percent. All these differences are within the polls’ margins of sampling error.

These new polls show quite a different race than the majority of the fake news media polling put out this election cycle.

President Trump and his campaign consistently stated that their internal polling showed a much different race where the President held the lead in many key swing states.

The ABC/Washington Post polls hint that the President’s campaign – and the fake news media polling – is telling the truth.

Florida and Arizona are two key states for very different reasons.

First, Donald Trump cannot win the election without winning Florida.

Losing Florida would not close off Joe Biden’s path to the presidency.

Second, Arizona is looked at as the most likely Trump state to flip blue in 2020.

Polls have shown Biden holding a small, but durable lead in Arizona the entire campaign.

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But if Donald Trump can hold Arizona, then he only needs to win one of Pennsylvania, Michigan or Wisconsin to win the presidency assuming he keeps every other state he won in 2016.

That does not even include the possibility that Donald Trump could flip states he lost in 2016 to red.

Trump narrowly lost Minnesota, Nevada and New Hampshire and the President’s campaign says their polls show Trump running competitively in those states with Joe Biden.

The fake news media spent years lying to Americans about the Trump presidency.

And now they may be lying about the polls.

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