Jeff Sessions Dropped a Bombshell About Trump. Everyone’s Jaws Were on the Ground

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions is on the comeback trail.

Everyone is waiting to see how Donald Trump reacts.

And then Jeff Sessions dropped a bombshell about Trump. Everyone’s jaws were on the ground.

President Trump asked for Jeff Sessions’ resignation as Attorney General one day after the 2018 midterm election defeat.

Donald Trump spent months ripping Sessions on social media for Sessions caving into fake news media and Deep State pressure and recusing himself from the Russian investigation.

President Trump rightly noted that Sessions’ decision prolonged the witch hunt as Sessions’ recusal allowed Deep State suck-up Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to appoint prosecutorial assassin Robert Mueller as special counsel.

At that moment, everyone assumed Sessions’ time in public life was over.

But in a surprising move, Sessions announced his intention to run for the GOP nomination for his old Senate seat to take on Democrat incumbent Doug Jones.

Once Sessions made this announcement the biggest question hovering over the race was if Donald Trump would kneecap Sessions’ comeback by endorsing one of his opponents.

Sessions sought to put that to rest in an interview with Breitbart.

The former Attorney General praised the strike that took out Iranian terrorist General Qasem Suleimani as the President enforcing a red line after Iranian-backed militias murdered a United States contractor.

“I think he brilliantly exposed in a way that will be important to even our European allies,” Sessions told Breitbart. “In other words, he responded to a clear threat to the United States. He targeted the core person responsible for it. And he has now made clear that he favors a policy of peace and prosperity for Iran if they choose it. Basically, he said to Iran you can either continue the path of terrorism and world hostility, or you can choose a path of peace and prosperity. I think that positions us well with our allies and also puts maximum pressure on Iran.”

Sessions continued by re-enforcing the fact that Sessions was the first Senator to endorse Trump’s Presidential campaign in large part because of Trump’s promise to end the Bush/Clinton/Obama foreign policy of endless Middle East wars.

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“I support what the president has done,” Sessions continued. “He was one of the first persons to openly on the Republican side to question intervention and long-term involvement in the Middle East and think it is not a good idea. But you cannot allow your nation just to be victimized, your people killed by a rogue regime and not respond. So, I think instead of doing massive destruction and creating a war, he targeted the head of the terrorism force in Soleimani and successfully did so.”

Sessions’ continued praise for Donald Trump should put the rumor to rest that Sessions is somehow running for Senate to get revenge on President Trump for dismissing him from government.

Conservative Revival will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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