Fox News Will Have To Fire Chris Wallace After This On-air Crisis

Photo by The Kremlin, Moscow on WikiMedia Commons

Chris Wallace’s anti-Trump bias is causing big problems for Fox News.

Viewers are furious.

And now Fox News will have to fire Chris Wallace after this on-air crisis.

As Great American Daily reports:

Beginning with his performance as moderator during the first presidential debate,Chris Wallace acted like the press spokesman for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

Wallace maintained his pro-Biden posture right until the very end of the campaign.

In an interview with Trump advisor Corey Lewandowski, Wallace falsely claimed that President Trump “failed” at his job to control the coronavirus pandemic.

“I want to start with the latest COVID numbers. On Friday, more than 99,000 new cases, 16 states reported single-day records, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Iowa. More than 46,000 people hospitalized, that’s up 25%, over the last two weeks. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the government’s top expert on infectious disease, tells The Washington Post today we are in for a whole lot of hurt. You could not possibly be positioned more poorly. He says he hasn’t spoken to the president since early October. Corey, hasn’t the president failed at his biggest job this year, containing the virus? ”

This was the dominant narrative in the fake news media from when the coronavirus first began to spread across America.

But it is also a giant lie.

There is no government policy that can control or contain a pandemic.

Europe is learning that lesson after the harsh lockdowns and mask mandates countries across the continent adopted last spring failed to end the outbreak.

Now France, England, Germany, Spain and other nations the fake news pointed to as “doing well” to claim Donald Trump was a failure are going back into lockdowns that caused civil unrest and riots.

The only way to control the virus appears to be if your nation is a tiny Pacific island with few airports and limited international travel.

But the government can control the production of personal protective equipment and managing the economic fallout of the virus.

On both of those counts the Trump administration succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest projections.

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Testing went from zero to over one million per day with the government ramping that up further by purchasing 150 million rapid tests.

Hospitals never ran out of masks, gowns, gloves and ventilators because the Trump administration organized the largest industrial mobilization since World War Two.

And finally, the administration pushed for a safe reopening of the country that led to unemployment dropping quicker than predicted and the economy growing at a record 33.1 percent in the third quarter.

It‘s a lie – as Wallace suggested – to claim the President “failed” at managing the pandemic.

The truth of the matter is the President succeeded at organizing the response on matters the government had control over.