Fox News Was Just Censored After This Secret Meeting

Democrats are making 2020 their ultimate power play.

The left believes the key to defeating Donald Trump is controlling the flow of information to the American people.

And now Fox News was just censored after this secret meeting.

As Great American Daily reports:

Big tech is dropping the hammer on conservatives.

Twitter, Facebook, Google and YouTube are censoring or outright banning conservatives and even the President of the United States.

Now the internet’s largest online database of knowledge is doing its part to stamp out conservative thought on the internet.

The online encyclopedia Wikipedia just voted to demote Fox News as a trusted source on its platform.

Former Wikipedia editor T.D. Adler explained how Wikipedia blacklisted Fox News in an article published on

“Following a month of discussion involving over 150 Wikipedia editors, Fox News is no longer deemed ‘generally reliable’ as a source on political and scientific topics, a downgrade from its prior status. The official finding by a three-person panel of administrators, users with advanced privileges on Wikipedia, was that ‘no consensus’ existed on Fox’s reliability in those areas. The finding came in an election year despite a plurality of editors believing Fox should retain its status as a generally reliable source alongside CNN and the Guardian, one of Wikipedia’s third most-cited sources,” Adler wrote.

Adler also wrote who was behind downgrading Fox News, and not surprisingly it was a cabal of hardcore left-wing ideologues.

“Editors arguing against Fox News tended to be left-wing or associated with past efforts at slanting articles against conservatives. Guy Chapman, an administrator, cited Yochai Benkler’s Network Propaganda to argue Fox News was unreliable. Benkler, who works at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, previously co-authored a study of partisan media for the center that pulled a quote from Wikipedia’s page on the Gateway Pundit, while falsely crediting Politico,” Adler added.

Adler revealed that a left-wing editor with a history of supporting Antifa and impeaching Donald Trump played a major role in Wikipedia blacklisting Fox News.

“Numerous editors cited Benkler’s book or Chapman’s argument to support deeming Fox News unreliable. Chapman has a long history of bias on Wikipedia helping slant articles on Antifa and on the Ukraine controversy behind the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Chapman also initiated the discussion leading to Breitbart’s ban,” Adler concluded.

Wikipedia has over 50 million pages on its website and attracts 65 million visitors every month.

On Wikipedia’s pages, facts, figures and claims are footnoted with a link to a source that gives further information or evidence to back up biographical details and statistics.

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But on pages that fall under the category of science or politics, users will only be directed to left-wing sites.

Tens of millions of Americans are now blind to conservative news sites and sources.

And it isn’t just Wikipedia.

Recently, critics accused Google of altering their search algorithm to eliminate conservative websites from being listed when users search for news articles.

The left is fully intent on controlling American life by controlling the information available to American people.

And in a bombshell article on Fox News, a whistleblower claims Wikipedia is playing their part to censor conservative views.