Fox News Is In Deep Trouble After Donald Trump Found Out How It Double Crossed Him

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On election night Fox News became a massive part of the story.

And it was for all the wrong reasons.

And Fox News is in deep trouble after Donald Trump found out how it double crossed him.

As Great American Daily reports:

The mainstream media have been doing everything possible to remove Trump from office.

While Fox News is better than other networks, there are members of their team that are very anti-Trump.

Chris Wallace, who moderated the first debate, is a Fox News anchor who openly privileged Joe Biden during the first debate.

Fox News polls were nowhere close to being accurate and showed Trump down by eight points nationally against Joe Biden.

Fox News said in June that Trump would lose Florida by 9%, however Trump got almost half a million more votes than Joe Biden on election night.

It’s shocking that Fox News would make such inaccurate predictions that favored Joe Biden.

On election night Fox News prematurely called Arizona for Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden.

After they did so, Governor Doug Ducey said that it was highly premature.

“It’s far too early to call the election in Arizona,” Ducey wrote. “Election Day votes are not fully reported, and we haven’t even started to count early ballots dropped off at the polls. In AZ, we protected Election Day. Let’s count the votes — all the votes — before making declarations.”

Early on Wednesday, the Associated Press called the Arizona race for Biden but Ducey noted again that it was still too early to call the state.

“Not so fast. The race has narrowed in #AZ considerably. 130,000 votes separate the candidates, with hundreds of thousands of votes yet to be counted, from all over the state. I’ll say it again: Let’s count the votes, and let the people decide rather than making declarations.” Ducey said.

On Wednesday a huge error was found in Arizona: Edison Research data, which major news networks were relying on, said that instead of 98% of precincts in Arizona had been counted,only 86% had been.

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New York Times editor Patrick LaForge tweeted, “An error was found in the data feed from Edison Research (used by @nytimes and other news organizations) for Arizona results – 86 percent of ballots have been counted, not 98%. NYT has not called the state for Biden, though he still leads.”

Fox News called Arizona for Joe Biden before The New York Times were willing to and they never uncalled it even when they found out the data they had been using was wrong.

It’s shocking that Republicans can’t trust Fox News to give voters an accurate picture of the unfolding election.

It’s a smoking gun that behind the scenes there are people at Fox News who are trying to help Joe Biden get elected.

The mainstream media doesn’t have the monopoly they used to before the internet. If viewers can’t trust them to report accurately, conservatives will switch to other news sources.