Elizabeth Warren Instantly Regretted this Mistake that Handed the Election to Trump

All hell is breaking loose surrounding Elizabeth Warren’s Presidential campaign.

Democrats are panicking after bombshell developments on the campaign trail.

And Elizabeth Warren instantly regretted this mistake that handed the election to President Trump.

The Democrat Party is moving radically to the left.

And Elizabeth Warren is taking full advantage of this shift.

She has quickly moved up in the polls, to the point where she is neck-and-neck with Joe Biden in many national polls, and even leading the former Vice President in key primary states.

This is despite the fact that she has policies that go much farther than any Democrat.

Her new healthcare plan costs $52 trillion, and she laughably claims that she will fund it without raising taxes on middle-class Americans.

Even left-wing Saturday Night Live made fun of her proposal in a sketch featuring Kate McKinnon playing Warren being asked about the plan at a fake Iowa town hall.

“We’re talking trillions,” she answered to a question about the expense of the proposal. “When the numbers are this big they’re just pretend.”

But while SNL may be poking fun, Warren did end up making radical claims at a recent town hall in Iowa.

While answering questions in Grinnell, Iowa, an attendee questioned Warren about what she will do about “genocides in Palestine and Yemen” at the hands of the U.S.

Of course, his claim is not true, and the claim on Palestine is nothing more than anti-Semitic terrorist propaganda spread by groups like Hamas.

“Right now the United States is bombing at least seven countries. We support genocides in Palestine and in Yemen. The U.S. military is actually the biggest polluter of any organization in the world,” the attendee said.

“We also have sanctions on many other countries like Iran, North Korea, and you know you can name many more. So I’m wondering, as president, will you stop U.S.-supported murder whether it’s through sanctions, arms support, or boots on the ground?” he continued.

After nodding along with the question, Warren responded stating, “I like your frame on this.”

She went on to agree with his claims, without giving any pushback.

“If we want to be a great nation, lead the world, then we need to live our values every single day,” Warren said, adding, “We should not use our military to solve non-military problems.”

Allegations that genocides are being committed in Palestine are the sort of propaganda that extremist Reps. like Ilhan Omar have been promoting.

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In reality, Palestine, which is largely controlled by the terrorist group Hamas, uses densely populated areas to launch attacks on Israel, only to blame civilian casualties that are the response to necessary retaliation on Israel, along with the U.S. who helps fund Israel’s defense.

And the American people are beginning to realize that fact.

In fact, Ilhan Omar, who is the most vocal propagator of these claims in Congress, has an approval rating as low as 9% at this point.

This issue could end up destroying Warren in a match-up against President Trump.

Do you think Elizabeth Warren would lose against President Trump?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

(h/t Black Eye Politics)