Donald Trump Only Had One Question When His Campaign Gave Him These Poll Numbers

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In 2016 pollsters ended up with egg on their face after Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.

Once again polls show Donald Trump trailing in the summertime.

And Donald Trump only had one question when his campaign gave him these poll numbers.

The Real Clear Politics average of polls shows Joe Biden leading Donald Trump by eight points.

Fake news so-called “reporters” and election forecasters are already declaring the election over and the only question left is how big of a landslide Joe Biden will win.

But are Democrats and the fake news media repeating their mistake from 2016?

Trump campaign pollster John McLaughlin thinks so.

In an interview with a local New York City radio show McLaughlin claimed media organizations were skewing their polls against President Trump.

“[Y] ou’ve got the mainstream media is so anti-Trump that … they’re doing polls that they know will be skewed, that will water down the Republican vote, will water down the Trump vote,” McLaughlin claimed. “And then they’re putting out that in effect Donald Trump is going to lose. And it’s not true. They did this to us in 2016.”

McLaughlin claimed the bias in these polls was no accident.

“You’ve got this media bias that’s trying to discourage Trump voters from coming out and proving those media polls wrong again.,” McLaughlin continued.

“They have an agenda, and the people will see through it,” McLaughlin added.

McLaughlin predicted the race would be close the entire way.

“It’s going to be a very close race from now until Election Day. In the Trump campaign, we’re going to run like we’re behind,” McLaughlin concluded.

But it wasn’t just the Trump campaign that dismissed the polls.

Michigan Democrat Congresswoman Debbie Dingell warned attendees at a Michigan Women for Biden event that she did not believe polls showing Joe Biden holding a double digit lead over President Trump.

“Some people say, ‘Oh, look at the numbers,’” Dingell explained. “I don’t believe these numbers.”

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Dingell said four years ago her conversations with Michiganders told her polls underestimated President Trump’s support in the Wolverine State.

And Dingell claimed she was having the same conversations now.

“Four years ago, many of you on this phone call thought that I was nuts,” Dingell added. “I was in enough communities and heard enough people talking that I was very worried about the outcome of that election.”

Even though polls currently show Biden leading it would not take a giant shift to move the race in President Trump’s favor.

Due to the distribution of voters Donald Trump could lose the popular vote by up to five points and still win re-election with an Electoral College majority.

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