Donald Trump Looked At Poll Numbers That Will Have The Media Losing Their Minds

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Donald Trump is running this campaign not only against Joe Biden, but also the fake news media.

The media has spent months bombarding Americans with stories about how the election is over.

But now Donald Trump looked at poll numbers that will have the media losing their minds.

As Great American Daily reports:

In the lone debate of the 1980 Presidential Election, Ronald Reagan asked Americans if they were better off today than they were four years ago.

Americans judged Jimmy Carter to be a failure and answered no.

Reagan’s question proved to be a turning point in an election that had been close but ended up a landslide.

Gallup saw that and beginning in 1984 began polling Americans on that question.

In 2020, 56 percent of Americans – the highest number ever recorded when Gallup polled that question during a president’s re-election campaign – said they were better off today than they were four years ago when Barack Obama was President.

Americans judged the policies of the Trump administration making their lives better despite unprecedented turmoil in the form of the coronavirus, economy-crippling lockdowns and Black Lives Matter race riots.

Rush Limbaugh asked President Trump about this polling data when the President appeared on Limbaugh’s radio program for a virtual MAGA rally.

The President attributed these record-setting poll numbers to the booming economy the President oversaw before the pandemic hit as well as the American people’s confidence that the President can engineer a speedy recovery.

“I know. Highest number ever recorded that they’re better off today than they were at any time before — during a pandemic — and that’s what I’ve built. We’ve built this, and the only reason we’re doing well is because the foundation was so strong, Rush. The foundation,” the President began.

The President added that America can bounce back quickly because the economy had such a sturdy foundation thanks to his administration’s policies.

President Trump warned the audience that Joe Biden’s socialist agenda to raise taxes, implement a Green New Deal and create a government health care scheme would destroy any chances of immediate prosperity.

“If we didn’t have a strong foundation, you’d be 1929 — and if he got in, you’ll be 1929, because he’s gonna raise everybody’s taxes. They don’t talk about that, either. He’s gonna raise everybody’s taxes, and you know what else they never talk about? Something that I think is a very important thing: The Second Amendment. They don’t say he’s gonna take away your guns,” the President added.

President Trump and his supporters point to these data and note a record number of people believing they are better off today than they were four years ago and wondering how that can make sense with public polls showing Joe Biden up by 10 points.

They will get their answer on November 3.