Donald Trump Just Locked up a Key Swing State with One Jaw-Dropping Decision

The 2020 election will be fought over a narrow slice of battleground states.

There are three states up for grabs that will likely decide who sits in the Oval Office.

And Donald Trump just locked up a key swing state with one jaw-dropping decision.

Trade was key to Donald Trump’s win in 2016.

Trump flipped industrial Midwestern states like Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin by hammering establishment politicians from both parties that sold out American manufacturing and the middle class through global trade deals.

These thousand page “free trade” agreements shipped jobs overseas and gutted American communities.

Upon taking office, President Trump put his “Make America Great Again” agenda into motion by withdrawing from Barack Obama’s disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

The President also slapped tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of Chinese goods to force Beijing to the negotiating table to hammer out a trade deal that benefited American workers.

Democrats, the fake news media and many establishment Republicans bellowed that Donald Trump’s “America First” trade agenda would tank the economy.

The President’s opponents were quick to blast his trade policies as a failure after China retaliated against Trump’s tariffs in an effort to inflict economic pain on America as Trump heads into re-election.

So-called reporters claimed the President was walking into a “nightmare” at the G7 meeting in France because the other leaders of the world’s largest economies depended on the globalist world order Trump sought to disrupt.

But Donald Trump scored the last laugh.

President Trump walked out of the G7 meetings announcing a new trade deal with Japan that would benefit America’s farmers.

“This is a tremendous deal for the United States,” Trump announced. “It’s a, really, tremendous deal for our farmers and agricultural ranchers, and also involves other things.”

President Trump withdrew from Obama’s 11-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership because Trump stated multilateral international trade deals hurt the United States.

Trump preferred bilateral trade negotiations where the United States would individually set its trading terms with countries.

As part of this deal, Japan will purchase surplus American corn as well as cut tariffs on beef, pork, and other agricultural products.

This was a clear win for the President’s trade and economic agenda.

And it notches a victory that President Trump can boast about as he runs for re-election next year.

Japan’s agreement to purchase U.S. agricultural products boosts President Trump in his trade negotiations with China.

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The Chinese were counting on American farmers pushing President Trump to surrender after China suspended buying agricultural products.

That strategy collapsed with Japan agreeing to stand with the United States in the dispute with China over trade.

This agreement also proves the fake news media lied when they claimed no other country supported the United States taking on the Chinese.

In 2016 Trump rallied working class Americans to his campaign by promising to restructure trade deals so they worked for the American middle class.

The 2020 election could hinge on how Americans judge Trump’s record on this issue.

American Patriot Daily will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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