Democrats Were Stunned By The Bad News From a Poll Of This Blue State

Donald Trump says he does not believe the polls.

Pollsters may be on the verge of another 2016 style meltdown.

And Democrats were stunned by the bad news from a poll of this blue state.

And that’s because this poll from a key swing state revealed a reality that Joe Biden can’t face.

The fake news media is bombarding Americans with polls showing Joe Biden running away with the election and trouncing the President in the key swing states.

Pundits claim the President’s position is so dire that he is only playing defense and not working to expand the map in his re-election bid.

But is that true?

Two new polls from Morning Consult and the Trafalgar Group show President Trump narrowly trailing Joe Biden by three and five points in the state of Minnesota.

Breitbart reports:

Two polls released on Tuesday show that presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden’s lead over President Donald Trump has slipped in the key battleground state of Minnesota.

A Trafalgar Group poll of 1,129 likely voters conducted between July 23 and July 25 with a 2.8 percent margin of error shows that Biden’s lead has slipped to five points, 49 percent to 44 percent, while a Morning Consult poll shows his lead has slipped to three points.

Previous polls from Fox News and Gravis Marketing showed Biden leading Trump by double digits so these new surveys hint Minnesota is in play as the Trump campaign has always maintained.

Donald Trump narrowly lost Minnesota in 2016 and many Republicans saw Minnesota as the last industrial Midwestern state that used to reliably vote Democrat to join Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania and flip to red.

Winning Minnesota would be a historic achievement for President Trump.

When Ronald Reagan defeated Walter Mondale in a 49-state landslide, Mondale only carried Minnesota and the District of Columbia.

But Donald Trump changed the GOP by supercharging turnout among rural and working-class voters.

Minnesota’s demographic profile increasingly looks more like a red state than a blue state and some election analysts think it is only a matter of time before this former Democrat bastion swings into the GOP column.

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The big question is if that switch will occur in 2020 or in another election cycle down the road.

Joe Biden’s held a persistent three to five point lead in Arizona, which a Democrat last carried in 1996.

That state’s growing suburbs, which are now filled with Democrat voters, means Arizona – the home state of Barry Goldwater – could fall into the Democrat column.

Normally that would prove fatal to the President’s chances.

If Minnesota is in play and Trump could pull off a win there, it would offset a loss in Arizona and keep the President on track for re-election.

(h/t American Patriot Daily)