Democrats Just Lost This Major Voter Fraud Case At The Supreme Court

Photo by Theresa Thompson on Flickr

Despite the Democrats and the fake news media declaring Joe Biden the President-Elect votes are still being counted.

Donald Trump and his allies were grinning from ear to ear.

And Democrats just lost this major voter fraud case at the Supreme Court.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Pennsylvania is ground zero for the legal fight over the vote count in the 2020 election.

On election night, Donald Trump led by 700,000 votes.

But as the days dragged on Joe Biden whittled Donald Trump’s lead down to 60,000 votes thanks to a deluge of mail-in ballots from Philadelphia.

Republicans previously challenged a Pennsylvania State Supreme Court ruling allowing mail-in ballots that came in up to three days after Election Day to count even if they did not have a postmark or proof of mailing to certify that the ballot was submitted by Election Day.

The Supreme Court previously split four to four with Chief Justice John Roberts predictably siding with the court’s liberal bloc to leave the lower court ruling temporarily in place.

Now that the court has a full complement of nine justices after the Senate confirmed Amy Coney Barrett, the justices’ stance shifted.

On Thursday the Supreme Court ordered the Pennsylvania Democrat Party to respond to the Republicans’ challenge.

“Response to motion for leave to intervene requested, due Thursday, November 5, 2020, by 5 p.m.,” the court ordered.

Pennsylvania Republicans took a common sense approach and argued that allowing ballots to count with no proof they were legally submitted opens the door to fraud.

 “This is an open invitation to voters to cast their ballots after Election Day, thereby injecting chaos and the potential for gamesmanship into what had been an orderly and secure schedule of clear, bright-line deadlines,” the Republicans declared.

The Pennsylvania State Supreme Court ruling undermined confidence in democracy.

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For citizens to accept the result of the election they must believe the vote count is transparent and fair.

The combination of ballots coming in after Election Day and being counted despite no proof they were legally submitted on time combined with Philadelphia Democrats challenging a court ruling allow Republican poll watchers to observe the count led millions of Americans to not believe the process was on the level.

For the fake news media lies about Donald Trump “spreading misinformation” or false claims about how he attacked democratic norms, it is the Democrat Party with a secretive and one-sided vote counting process that only cuts into President Trump’s margin in key states which is the real threat to confidence in institutions.

President Trump wants every legal vote to count.

It is very telling that Joe Biden and his Democrat allies will not utter those specific words.