CNN Broke Some Bad News That Could Cost Joe Biden the Election

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Polls in the battleground states are tightening.

Democrats are beginning to sweat.

And CNN broke some bad news that could cost Joe Biden the election.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

When the protests broke out in May,the shocking video of the police officer holding his knee to George Floyd’s neck seemed like some justification for the protests that broke out.

Despite what the media claims, most Americans want justice and would be willing to go to great lengths to end racism.

But the excuse to riot grows less by the day.

In Minneapolis, riots just broke out again because a homicide suspect appeared to take his own life.

Even if every police officer in America did their job perfectly, there is a high probability that the riots would still continue.

There are far leftist agitators who are looking to topple the American system mixed with many people who are despairing because their jobs have been taken away from them because of the coronavirus restrictions.

The Democrats don’t have these riots under their control and they are starting to hurt Democrats’ appeal to voters.

Even CNN’sDon Lemon admitted that Joe Biden could have a problem on his hands.

“I do think that what you said was happening in Kenosha is a Rorschach test for the entire country, and I think this is a blind spot for Democrats,” Lemon said. “I think Democrats are ignoring this problem or hoping that it will go away, and it’s not going to go away.”

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The problem for Democrats now is that confronting the violent protests would mean admitting that Donald Trump was right.

“So unless someone comes up with a solution over the next 73 days or 70 so, however many days — 68 days — so the problem is not gonna be fixed by then, but what they can do — and I think maybe Joe Biden may be afraid to do it, I’m not sure, maybe he won’t, maybe he is,” Lemon continued. “He’s got to address it. He’s got to come out and talk about it. He’s got to do a speech like Barack Obama did about race.”

Since Joe Biden is doing everything possible to win over far-left voters, it’s highly improbable that he will address the riots in a way that will make any difference.

“He’s got to come out and tell people that he is going to deal with the issue of police reform in this country, and that what’s happening now is happening under Donald Trump’s watch, on Donald Trump’s watch,” Lemon continued. “And when he is the president, Kamala Harris is the vice president, then they will take care of this problem.”

Joe Biden can promise that the rioting will stop once he becomes president, but since he is unwilling to take any necessary steps to stop the violence, his assurances are meaningless.