Clarence Thomas May Be Forced Into Retirement. You Won’t Believe Why

Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats still haven’t gotten over Donald Trump’s historic Supreme Court nominations.

Democrats spent the last two years plotting in secret to undo the conservative majority on the Supreme Court.

And now Clarence Thomas may be forced into retirement. You won’t believe why.

Democrats are beginning to come to the realization that Donald Trump will win re-election in 2020.

The clearest evidence of Democrats accepting that reality is former Attorney General Eric Holder floating the possibility of capping Supreme Court Justices’ tenure at 18 years.

That – Holder claimed – would limit a President to just two selections in their term in office and it would eliminate the ability of justices to hang on and retire only when the President and Senate were controlled by their own party.

“I don’t think someone should have that much power in an unelected position for that long,” Holder told an audience at Pomona College. “I think that three senatorial terms, 18 years, would be enough for a justice.”

This is quite a contrast to Holder’s previous thoughts on the Supreme Court.

One year ago during a speaking tour at Yale and Columbia Law Schools, Holder declared his support for packing the court with additional liberal justices to guarantee the left owned a majority on the Supreme Court for the foreseeable future.

“Given the Merrick Garland situation, the question of legitimacy is one that I think we should talk about,” Holder ranted. “We should be talking even about expanding the number of people who serve on the Supreme Court, if there is a Democratic president and a Congress that would do that.”

What changed Holder’s mind on the Supreme Court is the President’s improved re-election prospects.

A recent Gallup poll showed President Trump owned a 49 percent favorable rating, which was the highest in his Presidency.

Gallup also found 90 percent of Americans were satisfied with their lives.

In addition, Quinnipiac’s latest battleground state poll showed Donald Trump leading every Democrat rival by anywhere from seven to 11 points in the crucial state of Wisconsin.

It will be nearly impossible for the Democrats to win back the White House without winning Wisconsin.

The number one reason Donald Trump’s re-election terrifies the left is the Supreme Court.

Soon-to-be 97-year-old Ruth Bader Ginsburg and 81-year-old Stephen Breyer are the two oldest Justices on the bench.

They also make up half of the court’s four-member liberal bloc.

Ginsburg’s battled repeated health issues with four bouts of cancer and broken ribs.

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Many pundits believe Ginsburg is only hanging on in hopes a Democrat wins in 2020.

Should Trump win in 2020, Ginsburg could decide her health no longer allows her to serve to the best of her abilities and step down.

Some court watchers also think Breyer could throw in the towel after being tired of years in the minority.

If that happens, Donald Trump would get four Supreme Court picks and reshape the bench into a seven to two conservative majority.

Holder and other liberals know that possibility grows stronger every day so that is why they are proposing 18 year term limits for Supreme Court Justices that will randomize what seats open up during Presidential terms.

Great American Daily will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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