Chuck Schumer’s Blood Turned Cold When This Probe Into a Corruption Scandal Got Serious

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Chuck Schumer was blindsided by some bad news about Democrats’ chances to win back the Senate.

The impact of this bombshell could be felt for months to come.

Chuck Schumer’s blood turned cold when this probe into a corruption scandal got serious.

Democrats need to net atleast three Senate seats to take control of the upper chamber.

Going in to 2020, Democrats thought Colorado was a prime pickup opportunity.

Republicans have only won one statewide race in Colorado since 2004 and that was in 2014 when Republican Cory Gardner picked up a seat defeating Democrat incumbent Mark Udall.

But given Colorado’s increasingly blue tint, the prospect of presidential-level turnout and Gardner’s record of being an anti-Trump, pro-amnesty RINO, this seat looked like a sure bet pickup opportunity for Democrats.

Democrats thought victory was assured when Chuck Schumer convinced former two-term Governor John Hickenlooper to drop out of the presidential race and challenge Gardner.

Polls showed Hickenlooper holding a substantial lead.

But then the former state Republican House Speaker Frank McNulty filed a complaint with Colorado’s Independent Ethics Commission alleging that Hickenlooper “repeatedly traveled on private airplanes owned by corporations and accepted travel expenses paid for by corporations” while Hickenlooper served as Governor.

Hickenlooper dodged testifying in front of the commission, hoping the scandal would just go away.

In a brazen act of defiance, Hickenlooper even evaded a subpoena compelling his testimony.

But Hickenlooper and the Democrats could not avoid the bad news forever.

The commission voted five to zero to find Hickenlooper guilty of two state ethics violations.

The Washington Post reported that, “Former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper, a candidate for U.S. Senate, violated state law in 2018 when he accepted a ride in a Maserati limousine at a conference in Italy and traveled on a private jet owned by a home builder to Connecticut for the commissioning of the USS Colorado submarine, a state ethics commission found Friday.”

“If we allow this kind of private travel, it accentuates the cynicism that led to Amendment 41,” Commissioner Bill Leone wrote in the body’s findings.

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President Trump blasted Hickenlooper as corrupt on social media shortly after the Colorado ethics commission reported their findings.

“Democrat John Hickenlooper Held in Contempt After Failing to Comply with Subpoena over Ethics Complaint. Got caught big time with his hand in the cookie jar. Should be the end of his Colorado Senate bid. Makes no difference, we already have a GREAT Senator!” the President wrote on social media.

The state commission’s finding that Hickenlooper is guilty of violations was the second of twin bombshells that shook up the race Democrats thought they were set to run against Gardner and Trump.

Earlier that day, the government reported the American economy added a record 2.5 million jobs in May when all the experts claimed the economy would lose 9 million jobs.

This report proved that President Trump’s economic policies to reopen the economy were working and put the Democrats on defense not just in Colorado, but all across the country.

(h/t American Patriot Daily)