Chuck Schumer Was Blindsided When This Woman Came Forward Alleging An Affair

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October surprises have not been kind to Democrats.

Bombshell scandal after bombshell scandal have Republicans thinking the tide has turned.

And now Chuck Schumer was blindsided when this woman came forward alleging an affair.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Democrat North Carolina Senate candidate Army Reserve Lt. Col. Cal Cunningham, a married man with two children, got caught sexting public relations executive Arlene Guzman Todd, the wife of an Army combat veteran.

This is yet another incident in the long line of sex scandals that the Democratic Party has faced this year.

Yet people are questioning whether this is his only extramarital relationship.

North Carolina attorney Erin Brinkman wrote on Facebook that her friend had been seeing Cunningham since 2012.

“He’s been having an affair with a good friend of mine since 2012. Not the woman mentioned in the story. Needless to say, my friend was devastated. But my feeling is, if they’ll cheat WITH you, they’ll cheat ON you!” Brinkman said.

On Friday, in his first press conference, since news of the affair broke, Cunningham wouldn’t say whether he had more affairs.

“Are there any other allegations of extramarital affairs that you think are going to surface, and do you think that you owe voters more of an explanation than you’ve offered so far?” one reporter asked.

“Look, we’ve heard from Sen. Tillis himself that this is what he wants to talk about,” Cunningham responded.

Cunningham was asked three more times by the press whether he had had other affairs and he refused to answer.

Foreign intelligence services look for damaging secrets like an affair to use to blackmail U.S. service members.

As a Lieutenant Colonel, Cunningham’s behavior puts the Army at risk which is why the Uniform Code of Military Justice bans adultery.

As a reservist, the Uniform Code of Military Justice would only apply to Cunningham if he had an affair while he was on duty though he could lose all of his security clearances for not disclosing his affair.

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“If he’s got other things out there that he’s hiding, that he’s afraid are worse or just add to this, then yeah, he would certainly become more of a risk and you’d want to prevent him from having access to classified material,” Guy Womack, a retired Marine lieutenant colonel and defense attorney in Houston, told Breitbart News in an interview Thursday.

Guzman Todd knew that the sexts that Cunningham sent her placed him within her power.

“I’m just going to send to his opponent his naked photos,” she wrote in text messages obtained by the Associated Press. “That will teach him.”

She added in another message to her friend, “He knows [that I] can tank his campaign.”

Yet despite the fact that Cunningham won’t come clean about his sexual escapades, he still thinks that he’s fit to hold public office.