Chuck Schumer Could Not Believe What Happened When He Took This Phone Call

Chuck Schumer spent months plotting his 2020 strategy.

The New York Democrat wanted all the pieces lined up to take out Donald Trump and seize power.

But Chuck Schumer could not believe what happened when he took this phone call.

Democrats need to flip three Senate seats to produce a 50-50 tie in the Senate.

If that happens and the Democrats win the Presidency, then a Democrat Vice President will break the tie and allow the Democrats to ram their agenda and judicial nominees through the Senate.

Democrats believe they have a strong chance to oust RINO Republicans in Arizona and Maine.

So that leaves them one elusive seat away from tipping the balance of power in Washington to their favor.

But selling Democrats on a Senate bid proved a much harder task than Schumer imagined.

“Dream” candidates in Colorado, Georgia, Montana and Texas also turned down Schumer’s sales pitch to launch a Presidential campaign or keep the option open.

Stung by his defeat, Schumer did not give up.

Schumer took stock of the current Presidential field and saw that former Texas Congressman Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke recently polled at zero percent in New Hampshire.

O’Rourke’s standing in the national polls is hardly better.

The former Texas Congressman regularly clocks in at two or three percent support.

The final nail in the coffin for O’Rourke’s viability as a Presidential candidate was the fact that O’Rourke raised a meager $3.6 million dollars in the second quarter.

To show how far O’Rourke’s star has fallen, that $3.6 million is barely half of what he raised on his first day as a candidate when he announced his entry into the race in March.

That’s why Schumer placed a “friendly” call where O’Rourke claimed Schumer just wanted to say “hi.”

O’Rourke is adamant about staying in the Presidential race.

But in 2016, Florida Senator Marco Rubio made the same declaration.

Rubio announced he was leaving the Senate to pursue a Presidential campaign.

When that flamed out, Mitch McConnell and other Republican big wigs convinced Rubio to run for re-election to the Senate and Rubio ended up winning that race.

O’Rourke raised a staggering amount of money in his failed 2018 Senate campaign.

And O’Rourke only lost by three points.

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But that was in a midterm election where the opposition party always overperforms.

Those dynamics will not be in play in 2020.

Democrats continue to tell themselves that Texas will become a swing state.

But while they point to O’Rourke’s narrow loss to Ted Cruz, they neglect to mention the fact that Republican Governor Greg Abbott won re-election in a double-digit landslide.

Donald Trump will be heavily favored to win Texas in 2020 and the modern trend in American politics is Senate races follow the outcome of the Presidential contest.

Since Trump is likely to win Texas in 2020 it is no surprise O’Rourke does not want to offer himself up as a sacrificial lamb.

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