Chuck Schumer Could Not Believe the Bad News He Got Hit With From One Key Ally

Chuck Schumer surveyed the 2020 landscape and came to one unbelievable conclusion.

The Democrats were on the cusp of victory.

But that all changed because Chuck Schumer could not believe the bad news he got hit with from one key ally.

If the Democrats win the White House, Democrats need to flip three Senate seats to allow the new Vice President to cast a tie-breaking vote to advance leftists nominees and socialist legislation.

Former two-term Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper leaving the Presidential race for a likely Senate contest puts that seat held by anti-Trump RINO Cory Gardner squarely in play.

Democrats also believe they have strong chances to flip seats held by Never Trump RINOs Martha McSally and Susan Collins in Arizona and Maine.

While those would give the Democrats the three seats they need, Republicans are heavily favored to oust Alabama Democrat Doug Jones.

That leaves Democrats hunting around for one more red state Republican Senator to target.

Schumer became more desperate when failed Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams announced she would not run for any office – President or Senator – in 2020 to focus on her scam group to fight so-called “voter suppression.”

That left Schumer turning his eyes to Texas and former Congressman Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke.

O’Rourke captured the imagination of liberals across America with his 2018 Senate campaign against Ted Cruz.

The little-known Texas Congressman created a sensation with viral videos defending anti-American NFL national anthem protestors and of himself skateboarding in a Whataburger parking lot.

NBA superstar Lebron James – who played in Cleveland – even sported a “Beto for Senate” hat when walking into a game.

O’Rourke turned all this attention into an unheard of fundraising operation for a Senate campaign where he raked in $80 million – which was Presidential campaign levels of fundraising.

On Election Day, O’Rourke narrowly lost to Cruz by three points which planted dreams in liberals’ heads of turning Texas blue in 2020.

O’Rourke jumped into the Presidential race in March to much fanfare, but his candidacy soon sputtered.

Other candidates were more liberal and identity politics-obsessed women, minority and homosexual voters shunned him as just another “privileged” straight, white man.

O’Rourke sunk to two percent in the polls and Democrats began to whisper that O’Rourke should drop out of the Presidential race and pursue a Senate campaign against anti-gun and pro-amnesty RINO Senator John Cornyn.

During an interview on Lawrence O’Donnell’s “The Last Word”, O’Rourke took on his critics and declared there was no chance he would ever run for Senate.

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“I’m running for president, and I’m taking this fight directly to Donald Trump,” O’Rourke declared.

O’Donnell pressed further noting that he had until December 9 – the last day under Texas law to file for a Senate campaign – to make his decision.

O’Rourke then answered in more definitive fashion.

“No,” O’Rourke responded. “Let me make your show the place where I tell you and I tell the country I will not in any scenario run for the United States Senate. I’m running for president. I’m running for this country. I’m taking this fight directly to Donald Trump, and that is what I am exclusively focused on doing right now.”

Without another strong challenger, Democrats look unlikely to win back the Senate and Schumer’s dreams of ascending to the position of Majority Leader evaporated.

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