Chuck Schumer Admitted Defeat In The One Fight That is Music To Trump’s Ears

Photo by Glenn Fawcett on WikiCommons

Chuck Schumer and the Democrats waged a four year long war on Donald Trump to destroy his re-election prospects.

But Democrats just waived the white flag in the biggest front in their campaign to oust Donald Trump.

And Chuck Schumer admitted defeat in the one fight that is music to Trump’s ears.

As Great American Daily reports:

Reopening schools is one of the biggest issues facing the country.

If schools can’t open, then 15 million working parents may not be able to go back to work.

Without schools being open, the economy cannot function.

If the economy isn’t functioning by November, then Joe Biden will win the election.

Democrats fought to keep the schools closed.

The teachers unions are the biggest and baddest players in Democrat Party politics.

Since 1980, the American Federation of Teachers Union contributed over 57 million dollars to federal campaigns.

That is 30 percent higher than any corporation or union.

Teachers unions pressured Democrat Governors to keep schools closed to gin-up anger among parents at Donald Trump to throw the election the Democrats’ way.

Pundits and Democrats initially thought this fight was a winning issue because polls showed the American people disapproved of President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus.

But Democrats actions showed this fight was really a loser.

Two New York Democrats – Chuck Schumer and Andrew Cuomo – both came out in favor of reopening schools.

“If we don’t open up the schools, you’re going to hurt the economy significantly because lots of people can’t go to work,” Schumer told reporters.

Andrew Cuomo became the most high profile Democrat to announce his state’s schools would reopen for in-person learning.

Cuomo stated that schools could open as long as the test positivity rate was below five percent.

“Today is the deadline to look at the infection rates and make a determination. By our infection rates, all school districts can open everywhere in the state,” Cuomo said.

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“Every region is below the threshold that we established.”

And Chuck Schumer may be many things, but he is not politically stupid.

He knows when he holds a winning hand and when he doesn’t.

Schumer telling the press that schools must reopen to keep the economy afloat is the clearest indication yet that, despite what the polls claim to show, Democrats are on the wrong side of the fight that could define the 2020 election.

Democrats do not want to be seen as the party that sets back parents ability to work and take care of their children by shutting down schools.

Keeping children out of schools limits their future potential and hinders their social and emotional development.

Chuck Schumer and Andrew Cuomo know this is a losing battle and are trying to pivot as quickly as possible.