Chris Wallace Left Donald Trump Seeing Red With This Defense of Joe Biden

Photo by The Kremlin, Moscow on WikiMedia Commons

As Joe Biden’s problems get worse the fake news media is rushing to his defense.

One of the worst is Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace.

And Chris Wallace left Donald Trump seeing red with this defense of Joe Biden.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Everyone knows the media is liberal, and very biased. It’s been that way for decades.

In fact, the liberal bias of the media was one of the reasons Fox News was started in the first place.

It was meant to be a “fair and balanced” news source to counter the far-left bias of almost every other major media outlet.

And, it seemed anyway, for many years that is exactly the role Fox filled.

Because of the fair and balanced approach and the actual news, instead of just liberal bias, Fox rose to become the most watched, most respected news source in the country.

But now, it appears that is over.

And nothing proves it better than Chris Wallace’s shameful display of liberal bias and anti-Trump fervor at the first presidential debate.

A debate panned by most experts on both the left and the right as the worst moderated debate in American history.

But now, Chris Wallace has decided to prove his fealty to Joe Biden with another action that has Fox News viewers up in arms.

At issue is Joe Biden’s insistence that the next presidential debate be done “virtually,” something Donald Trump rightfully refuses to do.

But according to Fox’s Wallace, conducting the next presidential debate in a virtual format is a “perfectly reasonable idea.”

And he went even further saying, “Kennedy-Nixon back in 1960 had a virtual debate where they were in separate studios. Why the president, who is behind, according to every poll, double digits, behind nationally, in Florida, in Pennsylvania would decide not to participate, I think is so self-destructive politically, that I can’t believe he isn’t going to change his mind.”

Wallace went on to question whether the president is really over his bout with coronavirus, and claiming it is “safer” to do the debate virtually.

President Trump, for his part, told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo that he will not participate in the next debate just minutes after the Commission on Presidential Debates announced the debate will be virtual.

They said “the second presidential debate will take the form of a town meeting, in which the candidates would participate from separate remote locations.”

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But, in response to this announcement, the president flatly stated he would not take part in a virtual debate.

“The commission changed the debate style and that’s not acceptable to us,” Trump said on “Mornings with Maria.” “I beat him in the first debate, I beat him easily.”

“I’m not going to do a virtual debate,” Trump went on. “I’m not going to waste my time at a virtual debate.”

So, of course Fox’s Chris Wallace had to weigh in on the side of Joe Biden by taking swipes at the president for his refusal to participate in a sham virtual debate.

While many Americans were shocked by Wallace’s clear pro-Biden bias, the fact is he has been a liberal for decades and his active support of a particular candidate is nothing new.

What may be new is the drop in Fox’s ratings if they continue down this anti-Trump, anti-conservative road.