Barack Obama Was Hit with One Rude Awakening That Just Ruined Him for Good

Former President Barack Obama pulled out all the stops to get rid of Donald Trump in 2020.

During the midterms Obama campaigned for Democrats that would impeach the President and his Deep State loyalists hatched a plot to smear Trump with lies about Russian collusion.

But now Barack Obama was hit with one rude awakening that just ruined him for good.

As American Patriot Daily Reports:

The stated goal of the Democrats for the last three years has been having Donald Trump removed from office.

Endless talk of impeachment and attempts to delegitimize the Trump administration have all been part of a plan to boot Trump from office.

But the Russian collusion hoax and the other made-up scandals of the day have amounted to very little.

Despite the most negative and relentless media blitz ever seen in American politics, Trump’s approval ratings put him on track for re-election assuming the economy remains strong.

And helping in Trump’s 2020 bid is a massive campaign war chest.

Trump and the Republican National Committee set a fundraising record by raking in $125 million in the third quarter of 2019.

Not only does that figure dwarf the efforts of the DNC, it near doubles the $70 million Obama raised in the third quarter of 2011.

Obama left the DNC war chest depleted, and Democrats have struggled to galvanize around any candidate.

In fact, the Democrats are engaged in a civil war.

The wild-eyed socialists have all but taken over the party, but the voters are not on board.

Union members, who have traditionally been tied to the hip of Democrats, are strongly considering supporting Trump.

It turns out they don’t want the socialist left to eliminate their private health insurance plans.

Wall Street Democrats recently said they would either support Trump or sit out 2020 if Elizabeth Warren were the nominee.

It turns out businessmen don’t want a candidate that’s going to attempt to expropriate their companies, which would be possible under Warren’s insane Accountable Capitalism Act.

Trump’s willingness to push back has driven the Democrats completely insane.

They’re so accustomed to bulldozing establishment Republicans, but Trump doesn’t play that game.

His justified attacks on the media have earned him a durable bloc of voters.

That will only grow as Democrats push for policies like open borders, healthcare for illegal aliens, gun confiscation, and many other ridiculous ideas.

The Democrats understand that Trump is formidable.

Several experts believe 2020 will belong to Trump.

A president incumbent with a strong economy is essentially a slam dunk.

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Trump’s growing 2020 prospects are leading Democrats to look crazy.

Candidates like Kamala Harris want Trump banned from Twitter.

The idea of booting the President of the United States off a mainstream platform is ridiculous.

And the American people see it.

That’s why Trump’s fundraising has been such a success.

Trump has a lot of secret supporters.

They know the left could doxx them and ruin their lives, as they have done with other Trump supporters.

The silent majority is finally speaking, and they’re doing it with their dollars.