Barack Obama Was Given One Ultimatum. His Answer Could Decide the Election

Barack Obama is set to play a major role in the 2020 Presidential election.

But Democrats are pressuring Obama to act now.

Barack Obama was given one ultimatum. His answer could decide the election.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Bernie Sanders gathering momentum in the Democrat Presidential primary is beginning to cause panic among party leaders that fear Sanders’ socialist agenda will drag the party over a cliff in 2020.

Democrats are also distressed over the fact that the early state contests have not winnowed the field and as many as six or seven candidates could continue on into the race through March.

Under that scenario, a brokered convention where delegates wheel and deal to choose a nominee is virtually guaranteed.

A contested convention would damage party unity – especially if Super Delegates steal the nomination from Sanders despite the Vermont Senator winning the most delegates – and cripple the party’s chances for victory.

Some top Democrats were hoping Obama would descend from his mountaintop and intervene in the Democrat primary to push an establishment-backed candidate over the finish line.

One of those Democrat big wigs was former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

In an interview with NPR, Reid claimed Barack and Michelle Obama were the only Democrats who could break the party deadlock and yank the nomination away from Sanders.

“In that case, party leaders might need to say to some of the remaining candidates that they are ‘better off throwing [their] support to somebody else so we don’t have to have a brokered convention,’” Reid told NPR.

“Maybe we could even get Barack Obama to do it,” Reid added. “The two most popular people in the country, and perhaps the world, are Barack and Michelle Obama.”

But Reid was offering up nothing more than wishful thinking.

New York Magazine reporter Gabriel Debenedetti wrote that sources close to Obama told him the former President agonized over the decision to meddle in the convention and conspire with other Democrat elites to steal the nomination from Sanders on the second ballot.

“Obama is going to look at the [delegate math to determine] the outcome. If the math brings someone [to the nomination], he’ll back it in full,” a source close to Obama told the New York magazine reporter. “His biggest dilemma is if Bernie is at 35-40 [percent of the delegates], and no one else is [at] 20. Does he say, ‘You have to go with who won [a plurality of] the delegates, and who looks to be the true front-runner?’”

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Bernie Sanders also hinted at Obama’s true intentions when Sanders told fake news CNN that he kept in regular contact with Obama and that Sanders believed Obama would sit out the nomination process and only endorse once the convention selected a nominee.

“I’m not going to tell you that he and I are best friends, but we’re friends. And I have talked to him on and off for the last many years, was sitting down alone with him in the Oval Office on more than one occasion. Talked to him on the telephone every now and then. He is an icon, clearly, in the Democratic Party, and I have absolute confidence that he will play a vigorous, vigorous role,” Sanders told fake news CNN.

Sanders’ comments were a show of strength.

By telling fake news CNN that Obama intended to endorse him should he win the nomination, he was signaling to elites that Obama accepted him as a potential standard bearer so they should stand down on any coordinated effort to deny him victory.

American Patriot Daily will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.