Barack Obama Spoke Out On Black Lives Matter. What He Said Took Everyone By Surprise

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Barack Obama made it clear defeating Donald Trump was his number one goal in 2020.

But then the Black Lives Matter protests happened.

Now Barack Obama spoke out on Black Lives Matter. What he said took everyone by surprise.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Democrats are exploiting the riots that broke out in the wake of George Floyd’s death to throw the kitchen sink at Donald Trump.

With the election five months away, it is now or never for the left in their attempt to defeat the President.

As part of this effort, former President Barack Obama delivered a speech via webcast for his political group “My Brother’s Keeper” that included former Attorney General Eric Holder.

During his remarks, former President Obama effusively praised the mobs in the streets and blasted America as a racist nation built on white supremacy.

“For those who have been talking about protest, just remember that this country was founded on protest — it is called the American Revolution,” Obama began.

Obama added that the gangs in the streets represented the very best of America.

“Every step of progress in this country, every expansion of freedom, every expression of our deepest ideals has been won through efforts that made the status quo uncomfortable,” Obama added. “And we should all be thankful for folks who are willing, in a peaceful, disciplined way, to be out there making a difference.”

The former President then savaged the country that twice elected him in decisive victories as the beachhead of racism in the modern world.

“In a lot of ways, what has happened in the last several weeks is that challenges and structural problems here in the United States have been thrown into high relief,” Obama ranted. “They are the outcome of not just an immediate moment in time, but as the result of a long host of things — slavery, Jim Crow, redlining and institutional racism.”

Tucker Carlson called former President Obama America’s chief racial arsonist.

Obama lived down to that label in his speech by inciting more violence and riots by aligning himself with the terrorists’ goals, if not their tactics.

Barack Obama started out as a community organizer in Chicago.

Obama spent years training activists on how to mobilize mass movements to upend the American status quo and impose socialism.

These riots and terror campaigns are essentially his “baby.”

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So it should not surprise anyone that Obama talks about the mobs on the street like a proud papa.

Democrats believe the politics of the moment have shifted in their favor.

The sentiment on social media overwhelmingly supports the rioters and left-wing anarchists.

But a recent POLITICO/Morning Consult poll found 58 percent of Americans favored deploying the military to help put a stop to the riots.

Liberals like Obama may think the rioters and so-called “protestors” represent the majority in opinion in America.

However, the polling data suggest the public – after watching days of arson, violence and anarchy – may align more with Donald Trump’s law and order approach.