Barack Obama Made the One 2020 Decision That Every Democrat was Waiting For

Democrats nervously watched as their field of 2020 candidates collapsed into chaos as no clear cut challenger to Donald Trump emerged.

All eyes turned to former President Barack Obama.

That’s when Barack Obama made the one 2020 decision that every Democrat was waiting for.

As Great American Daily reports:

When presidents leave office, they generally stay out of the way, and seldom weigh in on political issues.

They allow their successor to govern on their own, regardless of political disagreements.

But the United States hasn’t ever had a President like Barack Obama, or Donald Trump.

So when Trump took over, Obama refused to stay out of the public eye.

He launched attacks against President Trump, along with making endorsements for his Democrat allies in elections across the country.

In Virginia, he did just that in the election held Tuesday, endorsing 17 Democrats who support his agenda.

He made the announcement in a tweet.

“Proud to endorse an outstanding group of Virginia Democrats in Tuesday’s election—candidates who’ll not only advance the causes of equality, justice, and decency, but help ensure that the next decade of voting maps are drawn fairly,” Obama wrote on Twitter. “That’s good policy—and good for our politics.”

And the election in Virginia proved to be huge for Democrats.

They now control both chambers of the state legislature, along with the governor’s mansion.

This is the first time Democrats have had this much control in Virginia since 1993.

Without looking into it further, one might think this is big news for Obama.

But in reality, the major Democrat wins had nothing to do with Obama, and he may have actually been an encumbrance.

Of the six Democrats he endorsed in the Virginia Senate, only two won on Tuesday.

On the House side, he won only six of the eleven races he made endorsements in.

This is bad news for Obama, who is trying to remain a major figure in the Democrat Party.

With Obama’s endorsement, the 17 Democrats were given a lot of resources through his massive donor network.

Democrats vastly outraised Republicans in the races Obama took interest in, showing that he is still able to mobilize donors.

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But it seems that Obama’s name may have been something many voters couldn’t stand.

A significant amount of Obama’s 2008 supporters have deflected over to Trump.

They watched Obama make wild promises to save the economy and to bring change to Washington.

But in reality, he backed off on many of his major promises, and presided over a failing economy.

President Trump is the opposite, and is actually following through on his promises which is causing the economy to boom, with record low unemployment proving just how great things are.

It is clear that Obama isn’t going away, especially with rumors that his wife Michelle may run for president at some point.

Do you think Barack Obama should stay out of politics?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.