Barack Obama Made One Forecast About 2020 That Stunned Democrats

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Former President Barack Obama is Joe Biden’s most high profile supporter.

Obama is expected to do everything in his power to boost Biden’s chances of victory.

Barack Obama made one forecast about 2020 that stunned Democrats.

In a virtual fundraiser for Joe Biden, former President Obama smeared Donald Trump and his supporters as know-nothings and racists trying to turn America into 1930s Nazi Germany.

It was a stunningly false and anti-American rant by Obama.

First, Obama attacked Trump’s base as a bunch of rubes that “filter out any contradictory information.”

“It’s just glued to Fox News and Breitbart and Limbaugh and just this conservative echo chamber — and so, they’re going to turn out to vote,” Obama added. “What he has unleashed and what he continues to try to tap into is the fears and anger and resentment of people who, in some cases, really are having a tough time and have seen their prospects, or communities where they left, declining. And Trump tries to tap into that and redirect in nativist, racist, sexist ways.”

Obama then falsely claimed the example of Adolf Hitler’s rise in Germany provided a template for what Donald Trump would do to America if Trump wins re-election.

“The endpoint of that we saw in Europe 60 years ago, 70 years ago — what happens when those things get unleashed,” Obama ranted and raved to the donors in virtual attendance. “You don’t nip that in the bud, bad things can happen. Among the most quote unquote civilized societies.”

Obama has more than just a partisan victory riding on this election.

If Donald Trump wins re-election, Trump can cement eliminating Barack Obama’s legacy.

President Trump’s withdrawal from Barack Obama’s job-killing Paris Global Warming Accords goes into effect.

If Joe Biden wins the election, the withdrawal will never take place.

There is also a Supreme Court case about abolishing Obamacare.

If Joe Biden wins this election and Democrats take the Senate, they will replace Obamacare with a government-run healthcare scheme that will eventually crush private health insurance.

Obama’s hatred for Trump is clearly personal.

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Former President Obama hates the rural voters that make up President Trump’s coalition – he once claimed they bitterly clung to guns and religion – because they represent an America Barack Obama wants to erase.

No election in recent memory – and maybe even since 1864 – has seen the fundamental nature of the country be on the ballot in November.

It’s clear from Barack Obama’s words that he is speaking for a large number of Democrats who do not like this country or a large percentage of the people that reside within it.

Barack Obama is using Joe Biden as a stand-in for his agenda and plans to fundamentally transform America into something few would recognize.

(h/t Great American Daily)