Barack Obama Just Humiliated Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in This Very Public Way

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Barack Obama and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are two of the leading voices fighting for control of the Democrat Party.

This skirmish took a strange turn.

And that’s because Barack Obama just humiliated Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in this very public way.

As Conservative Revival reports:

In 2018 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez assumed the role Barack Obama once held in the Democrat Party of rock star newcomer that could one day lead the left.

But this was no passing of the torch situation.

In fact, there was a little bit of a rivalry between Obama and Ocasio-Cortez.

Obama initially endorsed a first wave of candidates in 2018 and did not include Ocasio-Cortez on that list.

While Obama did eventually endorse Ocasio-Cortez, everyone in Washington took note of the initial snub.

And in 2020 Obama repeated his diss of Ocasio-Cortez by endorsing 118 candidates in races across America.

“I’m proud to endorse this diverse and hopeful collection of thoughtful, empathetic, and highly qualified Democrats. If you’re in one of their districts or states, make sure you vote for them this fall. And if you can, vote early—by mail or in person,” Obama wrote.

Once again, Ocasio-Cortez was not included.

Mediaite reported that “the list of 118 endorsements across 17 states — including California, New York, Illinois, and Texas — Obama gave his blessing to candidates for the House, Senate, and state positions…

…The former president’s other New York endorsements included Jackie Gordon, Rep. Max Rose, Mondaire Jones, Rep. Antonio Delgado, and Dana Balter.”

Everyone in the Democrat Party – and that includes Barack Obama and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – knows that Joe Biden is a mush-minded figurehead.

Biden is the candidate precisely because even though he suffers from diminished mental capacity Biden is an inoffensive front man for the leftist agenda.

The only question about a Joe Biden presidency is who would be the one really calling the shots.

And in that contest Barack Obama and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will compete for influence to see who is really in charge of a potential Biden administration.

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Obama seeks to hide his socialist views while Ocasio-Cortez is open about wanting to destroy capitalism.

Ocasio-Cortez also loudly supports the wildly unpopular defund the police movement whereas Barack Obama knows that is a political loser and wants to focus the party’s attention on other left-wing wish list items.

Obama listed what those would be during his rant at the late Congressman John Lewis’s funeral.

That agenda included a shady universal mail-in voting scheme and adding four new permanent Democrat Senate seats by granting Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico statehood.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s top policy priorities are the Marxist 93 trillion dollar green new deal and a government takeover of health care.

Whoever wins the fight between Obama and his acolytes and Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow socialists will run the government if Joe Biden – who many Americans believe suffers from dementia – wins the election.