Barack Obama Could Not Believe What He Heard That Michelle Obama Wanted To Do To Him

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Michelle and Barack Obama are back front and center in the news as they campaign to help Joe Biden win the Presidency.

But not all attention is good attention.

And Barack Obama could not believe what he heard that Michelle Obama wanted to do to him.

As Great American Daily reports:

Every time that Michelle Obama opens her mouth, she shows that she is a deeply unhappy woman.

She is a former First Lady, fawned over celebrity, with a D.C. mansion, a Martha’s Vineyard estate and millions of dollars in her bank account.

Yet despite being one of the most privileged people in America, Michelle Obama still views herself as a victim.

In a recent podcast titled, “The Gift Of Girlfriends,” Michelle Obama claimed that white folks either don’t acknowledge that black people exist or view them as a threat.

She’s made this judgement about the entire white race based off of the fact that a white woman once cut in front of her years ago and sometimes white people would pet her dog without looking her in the eyes.

Having someone cut in front of you in the store is annoying but most emotionally balanced people don’thold a grudge over a stranger cutting them in line years before, let alone judge an entire group of people based off of it.

It’s hardly surprising that Michelle Obama also had trouble handling her resentment in her marriage when she offered advice to other couples during “The Michelle Obama Podcast.”

“There were times that I wanted to push Barack out of the window. And I say that because it’s like, you’ve got to know the feelings will be intense. But that doesn’t mean you quit,” Obama said. “And these periods can last a long time. They can last years.”

Hopefully the former First Lady was speaking hyperbolically, and didn’t harbor murderous desires towards her spouse for years.

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She went on to explain that a marriage has to work as a team.

“You want LeBron [James]. You don’t want the guy, third row on the bench, who didn’t make the team, but we often don’t think about that,” she said,“What you’re supposed to say is, ‘I have married LeBron. My version of LeBron.’”

“If you’re looking at a team, the people you want to win with, then number one, you want everybody on your team to be strong, right? You don’t want any weak links, you don’t want somebody that you can dominate,” she explained, adding, “also, if you’re on a team, you’ve got to be able to do everything — especially in basketball, it’s like, you would never pick somebody that says, ‘I only dribble. I don’t shoot, I don’t defend, I just dribble.’”

She went on to say that despite the fact that she and Obama were broke at times, they “have a very strong marriage.”