Andrew Cuomo Made One Threat With the Military That He Instantly Regretted

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is the biggest star in the Democrat Party right now.

Cuomo is front and center as the party’s face of the coronavirus response.

But Andrew Cuomo made one threat with the military that he instantly regretted.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

There’s a huge problem at the heart of Communist Marxism, the philosophy that is guiding the Democrat Party at the moment.

The problem is that in communism, individuals aren’t rewarded for their good behavior, instead the rewards of their ingenuity are taken by the government to help the collective society.

Bill de Blasio did a truly terrible job preparing New York City for the outbreak of the Chinese coronavirus.

He didn’t try ordering extra protective gear until early March, and even then, New York’s bureaucracy and troubles paying meant the orders for PPE gear didn’t get in until mid-March.

That’s a huge failure on the part of Bill de Blasio who was publicly urging New Yorkers not to curtail their social lives in any way while he was failing to prepare his city.

The result of his bad planning is that New York City is running low on critical gear.

Andrew Cuomo’s plan to solve this is to send the National Guard to seize the equipment from upstate New York which prepared better and hasn’t been hit as hard yet.

That’s not a solution. If the hospitals in upstate New York have their PPE gear stolen, they will have nothing when the coronavirus spreads to them.

Andrew Cuomo isn’t taking N95 masks from building contractors who don’t need them. He’s taking them from hospitals.

He needs to start thinking of actual solutions and think of ways to produce more masks instead of grabbing the masks of the medical facilities that were smart enough to prepare.

A bipartisan group is telling Andrew Cuomo that he needs to figure out another plan.

According to the Washington Examiner:

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A bipartisan group of lawmakers and officials in upstate New York criticized New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for scheduling the state’s National Guard deployment to seize medical equipment from their regional hospitals to send to the New York City area.

“We are aware of plans to shift ventilators from our upstate communities and are gravely concerned. Health care access in rural communities has long been under strain, and we know the apex of cases in upstate is around the corner,” the New York officials wrote Cuomo on Sunday in a joint statement as the coronavirus in New York state threatened to reach its peak. “We stand ready to help our fellow New Yorkers, but moving needed ventilators from our region now would be devastating and counter intuitive to all data on the spread of COVID-19.”

On Friday, Cuomo announced a plan that would mandate that hospitals around the state send their ventilators to New York City, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the region. Cuomo has not signed the executive order to do so, but he plans to in the coming days.

The Democrats have constantly been saying that rural hospitals need help. Well here’s a good chance for them to help by calling Andrew Cuomo on his shocking plan.

Andrew Cuomo has overstepped and his government meddling isn’t helping the people he should be protecting.