Amy Coney Barrett Sat Back And Smiled And The Democrats Admitted This Big Defeat

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Democrats planned all out war to stop Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation.

Things did not go as planned.

Amy Coney Barrett sat back and smiled and the Democrats admitted this big defeat.

As Conservative Revival reports:

In an interview with CNN, Joe Manchin announced he will not support the Democrats’ decision to pack the court.

But conservatives do not trust Manchin.

Manchin once campaigned on supposedly being “pro-gun” but back in 2013 Manchin tried to help Barack Obama ram a national gun registration scheme into office.

Ever since Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s tragic passing, the left has been foaming at the mouth at the prospect of Trump replacing her.

They have demanded that the election of a new justice be postponed until after the November election.

The strategy they’re going for is to prevent the Republicans from electing who they want and swoop in to elect who the Democrats want.

But that plan will only work if Biden wins in November.

That has not stopped the Democrats from pulling every trick in the book to prevent the election of a new Justice.

From claiming it was RBG’s dying wish to postpone the election to threatening actual violence, they have pulled out all the stops.

Recently, they have been touting the threat that they will pack the court if Trump does not cave to their demands.

This threat did nothing to stop Trump from announcing his nomination for Amy Coney Barrett on Sunday or slow him down in starting the process of electing her.

Although the Democrats strongly pushed the “packing the court” scheme, it has now crumbled in their face.

In an interview with CNN, Joe Manchin announced he will not support the Democrats’ decision to pack the court.

And other top Democrats agree with Manchin.

Dianne Feinstein – despite her liberal views – has also told the press that she will not support packing the court.

In light of these announcements, the Democrats’ plan begins to fall apart.

They simply do not have enough votes to make this fever dream a reality.

In addition, they most likely do not even have enough votes to eliminate the filibuster, which would be the first step in attempting to pack the court in the first place.

Any way you slice it, the Democrats do not have enough support to fulfill their liberal ideas.

The hard reality is that Barrett will be confirmed as the new Supreme Court Justice, regardless of the number of political temper tantrums the Democrats throw.

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The true problem lies in their purely radical ideas.

The Democrats do not have a “middle of the road” option in their politics.

Things are very black and white for them.

And this is a major problem for their campaign.

While this Manichean strategy attracts those with incredibly strong opinions, it alienates those who are on the fence, effectively driving them away from their side.

It also drives away those with strongly opposing views.

Thus, the Democrats are alienating more voters than they are gaining them.

And this will come back to bite them on election day.