Americans Take a Deep Breath After Dr. Fauci Reveals This Secret

Photo by Bluerasberry on WikiMedia Commons

Everyone knows Dr. Anthony Fauci has worked closely with Trump on the coronavirus task force.

Dr. Fauci has been the leading expert on the coronavirus and how to respond to the pandemic.

But now Dr. Fauci has revealed one secret and Americans are listening.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has become a lightning rod for controversy.

The doctor’s “just the facts” style and Brooklyn accent made him the most trusted voice to millions of Americans on the coronavirus pandemic.

Other Americans believe Dr. Fauci is not taking into account the economic devastation the shutdown orders he recommends are inflicting on the nation.

On the day a record 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment, Dr. Fauci gave an interview to the “Today Show” where Dr. Fauci dismissed the economic pain and suffering Americans felt from the government-imposed economic shutdown as “inconvenient.”

But Dr. Fauci also has millions of admirers, some of whom go too far in expressing their support.

At a recent White House press briefing, a reporter asked Dr. Fauci if it was true that the government provided him with a security detail to protect him from deranged critics or stalkers.

Dr. Fauci responded by referring the questioner to the Health and Human Services Inspector General.

But the following day, a report surfaced on The Hill that Dr. Fauci was under the protection of a security detail.

The Hill exclusively reported that, “Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the most visible figures on the White House coronavirus task force, has been given a security detail after receiving threats, a person familiar with the matter confirmed to The Hill…

“…A second person familiar with the situation said the additional security was under discussion last month and was likely implemented in recent days.”

In a television interview, Dr. Fauci finally addressed this report and accepted a security detail as the price one pays for a high-profile position.

“I’ve chosen this life. I know what it is,” Fauci explained. “There are things about it that sometimes are disturbing, but you just focus on the job you have to do and just put all that other stuff aside and just try as best as possible not to pay attention to it.”

Millions of Americans are nervous right now and looking to the experts for reassurance and hope that this outbreak will pass.

Dr. Fauci is one of those professionals that consistently speaks to the public through the media.

And even President Trump noted that Dr. Fauci turned into a major television star.

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But a high public profile has an ugly side.

And the threats against Dr. Fauci are the horrific downside of fame.

No one deserves to live under the threat of violence.

Dr. Fauci always takes pains to remind Americans that this outbreak will run its course and pass.

It is important that they remember those words in these uncertain times.

(h/t Great American Daily)