All Hell Broke Loose When Trump Got His Hands on the Results of This Jaw Dropping 2020 Poll

The President’s reelection campaign received a surprise they never saw coming.

This bombshell will change the landscape of the 2020 Presidential Election.

And all hell broke loose when Trump got his hands on the results of this jaw dropping 2020 poll.

As Great American Daily reports:

President Donald Trump has built one of the best re-election teams on Earth.

And if the latest polls are any indication, he will need it too.

That’s because the 2020 election is shaping up to be one of the dirtiest, nastiest, and most ruthlessly fought elections in history.

It’s going to take every vote from every Trump supporter in the country to get the President over the finish line in order to win him a second term in office.

But one new poll just gave the President’s re-election team a shock like never before.

It’s a massive wakeup call for the Trump campaign, and it could signal that their work is cut out for them ahead of one of the most difficult election cycles in history.

“About 6 in 10 Americans disapprove of President Donald Trump’s overall job performance, according to a new poll released Thursday by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, which finds some support for the president’s handling of the U.S. economy but gives him weak marks on other major issues,” reports the Associated Press.

This is dangerous news for the President.

He can’t afford to have an approval rating this low if he hopes to win re-election.

While it’s not impossible to win re-election with a negative approval rating, it is unlikely for such a thing to happen.

But with an approval rating below 40%, the odds of winning re-election collapse very rapidly.

And that’s where Trump’s campaign is no doubt beginning to panic because the President’s approval rating is below that critical mark.

The AP adds, “Just 36% of Americans approve of the way Trump is handling his job as president; 62% disapprove. The numbers may be ugly for a first-term president facing reelection in 14 months, but they are remarkably consistent. Trump’s approval rating has never dipped below 32% or risen above 42% in AP-NORC polls since he took office.”

It’s this narrow range where President Trump will either find victory or defeat come November 2020.

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And yet with numbers this low, the President’s only realistic route to winning re-election beyond simply raising his own approval rating, is to drag down the eventual Democratic nominee to be just as unpopular as he is.

This isn’t impossible to do either.

Trump managed to win the 2016 election because Hillary Clinton, his Democratic opponent, was just as unpopular – and in some cases even more unpopular -than he was.

With Trump having done it before, there’s no reason to think he can’t do it again.

But the poll results from AP still present a considerable challenge to his re-election team, who have to work to figure out how to thread the needle of the President’s approval ratings in order to win him a second term in the White House.

We will keep you up to date with any new developments in this ongoing story.