All Hell Broke Loose When Mitt Romney Made This Big 2020 Decision

Everyone in Washington is trying to figure out what Mitt Romney is doing.

Rumors are swirling that Romney betrayed Trump on impeachment to set plans in motion for the election.

And now all hell broke loose because Mitt Romney made this big 2020 decision.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

The left has taken an extreme blow in the last few weeks.

Following a brutal defeat in the Senate over their impeachment witch hunt, the radical left is looking for any way to save face.

But they may have just found their newest hero in one Republican senator, and that may spell bad news for the Republican party.

Senator Mitt Romney chose to betray his entire party and his President to break ranks and join the left in voting President Trump out of office.

The move was a huge stab in the back to conservatives everywhere, especially those who put their trust in him by electing him.

And now, Democrats are hailing him as a hero for voting against an innocent President and falling for the left’s lies.

Fox News reports:

Romney was the sole member of the Senate to break from party lines in voting on whether to remove Trump from office. While his guilty vote had no effect on the outcome of the trial — acquittal on both counts — Democrats have publicly lauded the 2012 GOP presidential nominee for his decision. And the mere mention of his name has elicited loud applause on the primary campaign trail on multiple occasions.

Even Senator Elizabeth Warren, one of the top contenders for the 2020 Democratic nomination, praised Romney in a tweet.

Warren isn’t the only Democrat who is praising Romney; the mere mention of his name on the campaign trail has been met with thunderous applause and praise.

Another presidential frontrunner, Amy Klobuchar, also praised Romney on the campaign trail.

During Friday night’s Democratic debate, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., took a moment to recognize Romney for breaking ranks with the GOP and voting against Trump.

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“There was courage from Mitt Romney who took a very, very difficult vote,” Klobuchar said, receiving thunderous applause in response.

Klobuchar received a similar crowd response when she lauded Romney at a New Hampshire rally on Sunday.

“You know this world’s upside down when a Democratic crowd is cheering the Republican nominee for president,” Klobuchar said.

It is clear that the left is using Romney as another pawn in their game.

They are raising up a Republican senator as their newest hero to present a united front against President Trump.

But no matter their schemes, they will not be able to remove him from office. Not when he has the support of millions of Americans.