Al Gore Made One Promise That Will Lead To Civil War

Photo by Tom Raftery on WikiMedia Commons

Democrats are threatening to riot in the streets if Donald Trump wins the election.

Some on the left are openly lobbying the military to remove President Trump from office.

And now Al Gore made one promise that will lead to Civil War.

In 2000, Al Gore conceded defeat on Election Night after networks called Florida for George W. Bush.

Gore later retracted his concession and plunged the nation into a constitutional crisis by requesting recount after a recount in Florida despite every vote tally showing George W. Bush leading.

The Supreme Court finally put a stop to the Democrat hijinks and George W. Bush assumed the Presidency.

Now Al Gore and other Democrats are once again seeking to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the election by ginning up conspiracy theories about Donald Trump.

In an interview with Reuters, Al Gore predicted the military would need to be called in to remove Donald Trump if President Trump refused to accept the results of the election and cited voter fraud connected to risky mail-in voting schemes.

“I don’t know, but it’s important to say that it’s really not up to him. I hear people saying, ‘Well, would he accept that decision?’ Well, it doesn’t matter because it’s not up to him. Because at noon on January 20th, if a new president is elected — I hope Joe Biden is elected — and if that is the case, the police force, the Secret Service, the military, all of the executive branch officers, will respond to the command and the direction of the new president. It will not matter if Donald Trump accepts it, personally or not,” Gore began.

Gore added that he thought Hillary Clinton would defeat Donald Trump handily four years ago, so Democrats should not feel confident of victory.

“I’m hoping that it will be a decisive victory, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself, because like a lot of people in my political party, I felt kind of optimistic four years ago, and we all saw what happened. And so, I don’t think anybody who is a partisan for Biden or [Kamala] Harris are going to be relaxing or coasting just because they have a lead in the polls right now,” Gore added.

Democrats are already preparing to contest the outcome and put the military on the spot.

In a war game scenario for the 2020 election, John Podesta played the role of the Biden campaign and refused to concede the election.

Democrat governors of Midwestern states that the President won refused to send electors to the Electoral College unless they pledged to defy the will of the people in their state and vote for Joe Biden.

California, Oregon and Washington then threatened to secede from the Union unless Congress accepted the Democrat slate of electors.

And at that point, both sides were at a stalemate waiting to see how the military would respond.

Al Gore is confident that the military will act to remove Trump from office.

(h/t Black Eye Politics)