Accusations Of This Affair Turned Nancy Pelosi’s Life Upside Down

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Nancy Pelosi has eyes set on this big prize in 2020.

But now some bad headlines threaten to make a mess of her plans.

And accusations of this affair turned Nancy Pelosi’s life upside down.

As Great American Daily reports:

Republicans recently gained a congressional seat in California for the first time since 1998 after Mike Garcia won a special election to replace Democrat Katie Hill after Hill resigned after allegations she violated congressional ethics rules by carrying on an affair with a staffer surfaced.

Powerful Florida Democrat Congressman Alcee Hastings also faced an Ethics Committee investigation over allegations he carried on a sexual relationship with Patricia Williams when Williams worked as a staffer for Hastings.

In an outrageous decision, the Ethics Committee voted to close the investigation even though Hastings allegedly began the affair with Williams after the rule was put in place back in 2018.

“The House Ethics Committee on Friday closed its investigation into whether Rep. Alcee L. Hastings violated a 2018 House rule by engaging in a sexual relationship with his staffer, citing that the Florida Democrat married the woman, Patricia Williams, in January 2019 — even though that occurred well after the rule went in effect,” Roll Call reported.

The Ethics Committee sought to explain its decision in a written statement.

“However, the Committee continued to review Representative Hastings’ conduct prior to his marriage,” the Ethics Committee statement read. “The Committee also considered whether Representative Hastings had complied with the laws and rules relating to nepotism.”

Critics contend this is the very definition of the Washington swamp.

Many Americans thought Hastings looked guilty of violating House ethics rules.

This type of Washington insider protection racket appalls everyday citizens.

Powers that be tolerating corruption because the accused attained high enough levels of power is why Donald Trump’s “drain the swamp” message resonated so strongly with voters in 2016.

Americans elected President Trump to end this insider double-dealing.

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But Nancy Pelosi and her allies on the House Ethics Committee letting Hastings walk in a controversial decision will only keep the swamp’s conduct as a top issue in the 2020 election.

Since Joe Biden served for nearly 50 years in Washington and watched as the swamp grabbed power and extinguished any attempts at accountability, the President warning voters that electing Biden will put the swamp back in charge could be a powerful campaign attack.

Donald Trump winning a second term would do more than thwart the Democrats’ years-long quest to remove him from office.

While the President trails in the polls, there are still four and a half months until the election and Trump can turn his deficit around.

If the President secures a second term by attacking Biden as a corrupt swamp creature, Trump could lift the Republicans to a majority in the House and depose Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.