A War Veteran Went On TV With This Message That Is Bad News For Joe Biden

Photo by Michael Vadon on WikiMedia Commons

Joe Biden and the Democrats are trying to hide a very important truth from the American people before the election.

That effort just failed.

Now a war veteran went on TV with this message that is bad news for Joe Biden.

As Conservative Revival reports:

It is no secret that there are full-scale riots raging across America.

What started as a peaceful call for change has been escalated into an unreasonable force of destruction.

Anarchists have hijacked the BLM movement and are using this movement for change as an excuse to burn, pillage, and ransack major cities across America.

Portland alone has been under siege for almost 100 days.

That’s 100 days of non-stop rioting, destruction, and burning fires.

And other cities are starting to devolve into the terror Portland has been living.

Chicago, Washington, D.C., and most recently Kenosha, have become epicenters for violence and burning.

In light of these atrocities, Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton – who served in the Iraq War – released an ad asking Harris and Biden to explain their unconditional support of the forces hellbent on destroying the US.

The transcript of the ad is as follows:

“Over 80 days of riots and the liberal mobs becoming more violent. Now, they’re coming for your homes. They’re coming for your business, your job, and there’s nowhere to hide. The violent mob wants Joe Biden to be President. Then, no one will stand in their way. No one will be between your family and the mob. Don’t let them win, vote Republican.”

At the end, Tom Cotton endorses this message.

The ad shows actual footage of the ongoing riots; charred buildings silhouetted against pillars of fire, shouting crowds shoving police officers, and huge gatherings of people destroying property.

This is the result of the mob mentality.

And the blame falls squarely on Biden and Harris’s shoulders.

They endorsed this mob from the beginning under the guise of supporting the people.

But to support a raging mob is to directly oppose those whom the mob chooses to attack.

And their attacks are focused on ordinary Americans.

As the ad states, the rioters have and will continue to destroy small businesses, loot and damage homes, and even take lives.

And Cotton is not the only one to call out the Democrats.

In a recent speech he gave in New Hampshire, Trump talked about how these rioters have a different agenda than BLM.

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WMUR reported Trump’s statement:

Trump said the protesters were “anarchists,” adding: “They’re just looking for trouble. Has nothing to do with George Floyd. Has nothing to do with anything. They don’t even know who George Floyd is.”

These anarchists never wanted peace.

The BLM movement wanted peace.

These people have nothing to do with the BLM movement, despite flying their banner.

And Trump agrees.

If America is going to prevent the downward spiral into total anarchy, Biden and Harris must be held accountable for allowing this mob to escalate to the level it has today.

As it stands now, they face no repercussions for supporting the anarchists destroying America.