A Secret Service Agent Revealed Something About Trump That No One Known

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

In just under two weeks Donald Trump will face the voters.

Anything can tip the election.

Now this Secret Service Agent revealed something about Trump that no one known.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

When Donald Trump checked in to the hospital for treatment for the coronavirus, Americans began to worry.

They wondered what the true status of the President’s health really was.

And now a Secret Service agent let the cat out of the bag on Trump and the coronavirus.

The night before Donald Trump checked out of the hospital,the President surprised supporters that rallied at Walter Reed by driving by to acknowledge their presence, thank them, and show that contrary to the fake news reports that his health was in dire straits, the President was recovering.

Fake news reporters lost their minds accusing the President of wanting to kill the Secret Service agents assigned to protect him by exposing them to the coronavirus and that had to travel in the vehicle with the President during the photo op.

They quickly tried to create a narrative that Secret Service agents were on the verge of rebellion against the President over Trump putting their lives in danger by exposing them to the coronavirus.

“Where are the adults?” a former Secret Service agent told the Amazon Washington Post.

Journalist Yashar Ali posted the screenshot of text messages from a former Secret Service agent blasting President Trump for his supposedly “reckless” behavior.

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino called out this agent for feeding fake news reporters the lies they wanted to hear so they could press forward with their anti-Trump agenda.

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Bongino – who worked on Barack Obama’s protective detail and helped plan out trips to war zones – stated that he kept in touch with hundreds of agents and none of them believed President Trump endangered their lives and that it was one disgruntled former agent providing all these negative quotes to the fake news.

“Just to be clear folks, I remain in contact with hundreds of my former colleagues in the Secret Service and this is BULLSH*T. This ‘commentary’ is from one agent (we all pretty much know who it is) who serves as a quote factory for negativity when they need to advance a narrative,” Bongino tweeted.

The media’s also complained that President Trump doesn’t wear a mask enough and that the pandemic would be brought under control if President Trump mandated Americans wear masks at all times.

President Trump wore a mask for the entire time he was around Secret Service agents.

If what the fake news media says about masks is true, then no one was at risk and this is another contrived controversy fabricated by the press to smear Donald Trump.

In reality, what the media is upset about is the fact that Donald Trump is healthy and recovered from the coronavirus.